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Protection Group protects frontline professionals since 2013. They manufacture mostly bulletproof vests, but also helmets and armor plates. They can design and develop products according to customers specifications (made to order). 

Protection Group is a Danish manufacturer of tactical equipment for frontline professionals. Since 2013 they have been supplying them with high-quality bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets

100% Danish 

Protection Group is purely Danish company with headquarters in Randers. All of the Protection Group products are made either in Danemark or in Europe. 

Equipment for professionals 

Protection Group on its website proudly says , that they will never be the biggest retailer or supplier because they are not going to sell "cheap junk from questionable countries". The company chose to miss out on huge earnings so they can live up to their mission and vision. 

Made to order 

The company can deliver larger orders within a short time. Moreover, they can design and develop vests, helmets and ballistic plates for police, army, safety agencies and bodyguards according to their specifications, depending on specific threats the solution must stop.

Materials from reputable manufacturers 

Materials for production come only from reputable manufacturers, including Teijin (Twaron), DSM (Dyneema), Dupont (Kevlar) or Honeywell (Spectra). All solutions are tested in internal and international laboratories such as Chesapeake in the USA or Aitex in Spain.

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