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The shirts do not always have to serve formal purposes. We can use them for a trip or wear them to work. Just choose the right style and fabric. 

little more formal way of dressing, there are shirts. The shirts cover upper part of the body, sleeves are either long or short and collar can be flat, roll or standing. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the shirt was considered part of the men´s underwear. Since then, a lot has changed and the shirt is worn by anyone. The oldest shirt was found in the tomb of the Egyptian ruler and is more than 5000 years old. 

To work as well as for more formal wear

The shirts have a great advantage - they are generally accepted both in high society as well as among friends in the pub. T-shirts don´t have this benefit. Of course, it also depends on the style and look of the shirt. We can have one with long sleeves or short sleeve, which is better for summer days. There are many possibilities, even army shirt can look good.  


We can also have the so called vintage style. What is that? Vintage style offers new army style items that looks worn. Who would want this? It's like if you took an old wrinkled patina shirt , but it's actually new. We all know the magic of old things. It looks nice and we feel good in them. So why we don´t get something similar ? Vintage is actually in style. For others, the range is wide. Many styles to choose from - from classic army shirts and similar to civilian casual wear ones and others. 

Let´s choose 

The shirts are not functional clothing, we do not have to pay as much attention to fabrics, but they should be comfortable. With the classic ones, it is most likely cotton, which is excellent for shirts. The closer to the combat and similar shirts ( hunting etc.) we get, the higher chance of fabric mixtures we have.  Usually, it is a mix of cotton and polyester. Their ratio must suit us, especially to the touch.The most important thing is, that if we like it and feel comfortable in it. They must have pockets where we want and suit the purpose for which we have it, otherwise we bought it unnecessarily.

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