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Are you preparing for a boating trip ? Do you have your equipment ? Not yet ? Thanks to this category you will be able to find everything for your trip. 

As they say - always ready. This is the motto we try to put on the all people around us. It may prevent a lot of troubles. Just like this category - boating equipment. What do you need and what can make it better ? How about feeling, that your things stay dry and functional ? That your phone won´t drown and you will have a dry jumper for a cold evening ?  Take a look at what this category offers and how it can help you. 

Bags for boating 

If you are boaters, you know, that you carry all the things with you when boating. Where do you store your jacket, spare clothes and another items ?  You won´t carry a big box or luggage, unless you are cruising across Carribean on 300m long ship. But on a raft or canoe, you will need to have your things with you. And here comes in hand the bags for boating. They are made from high-quality materials and keep your things together. Moreover, they are spacious with good construction. They are a good choice, however, if they get in the water, they will get wet and for these situations we have something else. 

Waterproof bags 

While above mentioned bags for boating are not really water resistant, waterproof bags are a different chapter. Their construction, material and fastening makes them excellent helpers that will not get wet. All you need to worry about is color and size, which is usually stated in liters. 

Waterproof cases 

Watrproof bags are great solution, but what about your phone ? Do you want to have it all the time in your bag or rather have it at hand. To have it in your pocket can be risky so what do we do ? A waterproof case/pouch will help with this. You can hang it on your neck, close and the problem is solved - your phone stays dry and constantly at hand. Such casings can be obviously used for another activities as well.

Water storage barrels 

This category features one of the best solutions. Barrels are not that manageable, usually larger than we would like, but their purpose is irreplaceable. What happens with bags when they get into the water? They dissapear under the water and when they come to the surface they are either soaked up or swim away. Barrels stays on the water surface thanks to their air pocket. At the same time, they are usually white with red lids which makes them easily visible.  

So what ?

Have you chosen your boating equipment already ? If not, do it soon so you are ready. And how to choose ? According to your own preferences mainly, everyone likes something different, but the safest way would be the barrels.You can store everything in them, including waterproof bag. That´s a certainty.

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