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Protecting our health should always come first. So we should also protect our elbows and knees, which can be easily hurt. Luckily, there are more kinds of protectors. Which ones are the best ? 

Abraded knees and elbows. We have to count with that during our favorite activities. It happens right away - we crawl and slip somewhere and the trouble is here. Anyway, it doesn't have to be that way. We can easily protect ourselves. But how to do it effectively? For example by wearing protective equipment. They are designed to withstand what our body would not tolerate with the help of proper material and good construction. How to know, we are about to find out. 

No scratches are good scratches 

Elbows and knees are most prone to similar injuries. We can bend our elbows, kick our knees . There are many options, but neither is pleasant. So isn't it easier to wear protection? Yes it is, that's why we'll talk about it. If we stick to the protectors only for these parts, we can split them into two main groups. External or inserts. The inserts are inserted into special pockets on our clothes. But first we have to have those clothes. Therefore, it is perhaps better solution to buy external protectors. Why external ? Because we can attach them to our hand or leg with the elastic straps. As with everything else, the protectors must fit. The worst protector is the one, that doesn´t hold properly. Pay attention to the securing of the straps and the ergonomics of the protector.

You won't replace the hearing

As with the eyes, other organs need to be protected as well. Our hearing is very prone. Do we know such whistling in the ears after a big bang? We just lost some cells, that will never recover. Sad ? Much sadder is that this can be prevented. Hearing protection is as important as eye protection. The problem comes with choosing the right hearing protection. There are several options. We can choose earplugs, headphones or electronic headphones. Each option has its pros and cons. The plugs do not interfere, but they are not very comfortable to wear. Headphones seem like a better option, but they can get in the way. We have a difficult task ahead of us, which we will help solve in the next articles.

Let's protect ourselves

Unfortunately, we have only one health. Very often people underestimate the situation and solution comes in the hospital when it is too late. Let's not be those people and think about our options before we start doing some things. It is true that some accessories are expensive, but what is the value of life? The answer is - priceless.

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