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It is always good to know, where the north is. Moreover, we can determinate our location, Azimuth, or calcute the distance. Is it therefore better compass or orienteering compass ? And what is the difference between them ? 

Where is the north and where south? west ? east ? Just from the head without a tool, it can only be estimated. Since Ancient times people were dealing with the question of navigation. This led to create so-called compass. A compass is a device that retains its location to the north using a magnetized needle. On the bottom of the liquid tank is drawn compass rose determining the rest of the cardinal directions. The first compass was probably a piece of magnetite placed on the non -magnetic pad in a water tank, which appeared in China in forth century.  

Needle and leaf 

In nature, an ordinary needle can simulate the function of the compass. It is magnetized after contact with cotton, making it a needle. For example, place the needle on a leaf and put it on a calm water surface. The magnetized needle points to the north. There are more similar alternatives - but the best way is to have compass with you. It is small, lightweight, can be hung on the neck or put in the pocket. Without exaggeration it can be considered the best companion for navigation in nature. There are several forms and versions, even modern compasses do not only rely only on the magnetic pole, like their predecessors.

Compass and orienteering compass 

The improved version of the compass is orienteering compass (sometimes called a base plate compass). It is practically the same. There is still a needle with a compass rose on the bottom, which is pointing to the north. It is still a smaller object in an non -magnetic packaging with oil or other substance. Despite all this, it is a better companion. The Czech inventor Josef Ressel was very troubled by navigation in nature. He wanted to simplify the map and observance of the direction, so he invented orienteering compass. Its principle is a compass in a plastic base plate, with large needle in the middle. This needle is used to determine and monitor the Azimuth. Azi... what?

Orienteering compass uses 

Azimuth is an oriented angle that closes a certain direction from direction to north. By using it, we can follow the direction we have set on the map. Thanks to this advantage we can can go almost anywhere with orienteering compass and a map. How do we "shoot" Azimuth?  We will navigate the map by the north, dial your intended azimuth (i.e. compass direction) into the compass. Azimuth is shown on the swivel compass. Holding the compass squarely in front of your face, turn your body as a unit until you’ve boxed the needle, that is, we will get to the desired point.

Which one to choose ? 

It depends on what we require. For classic orientation, when we need to know where the north and the south is, a normal compass will be alright. It is slightly smaller than orienteering compass and for this purpose perfectly fine. On the other hand, if we are doing orienteering or trail running, the orienteering compass will be better. In addition to better orientation and Azimuth, it is also usually equiped with magnifier and other features we will appreciate. 

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