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When shooting lying down we must have a comfort, otherwise the shooting itself will be affected by our dissatisfaction. The shooting mats are highly appropriate, but they are not all the same. 

Each of us would feel sorry to let the precious equipment on the dirty ground. We often wear tactical clothing during shooting and to get unnecessarily dirty is something we don´t really want. Luckily, there is a option and that is a shooting mat, which protects us against hard and dirty ground as well as offering another advantages, that we surely appreciate. 

Comfort and cleanliness 

The shooting mat could be compared to sleeping mat. Both separate us from the ground, both providing comfort and cleanliness. Practically it is an underlay, that is used for longer and shorter distance shooting in the position of lying down or kneeling. Thanks to it we will not be so hurt or cold from the ground. Another big advantage is a placement of equipment into the pockets. In the front, where we have head, there is an extension, where we can put some things -  binoculars, ammo, etc. There are also some pockets, where we can store for example a notebook with the results. After shooting, we simply roll up the mat and put it back to the car. When rolled, it takes only little space, which adds to its qualities

What is high-quality

We can tell the quality sometimes by just knowing the manufacturer. There are brands, where we can be sure, that the products are of a high-quality. The main aspect should be again material. We need to realize, that the mat will be on the ground, where are stones, sticks and dirt. That is why the mat needs to be protected. The strong fabric, such as nylon or polyester is perfectly suitable and protects the mat well. The dimensions are not as important, mats are sufficiently large to accommodate us as well as equipment. The comfort is also very important as we can feel every unevenness when lying down. The mat should be therefore sufficiently padded to allow lying down even for longer time. 

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