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Would we think that even the width of the strap decides how the bag will be carried ? Also over our overall satisfaction? But that's not all, also material and internal organization plays the role. 

It can be said that the first transport element was the bag. Probably leather or fabric, but also leaves filled with things and tied. Attached, for example, by string to the waist or over the shoulder, such as today's modern handbags and bags. The first users would not know them today, but we are using them without any problems. Thus, bags are aids in which we place certain equipment or objects so that we can carry them more efficiently.

Into the hand or over the shoulder

The basic carrying element are straps and handles. We often see both options, which can be considered an advantage. When handling at home, when the content is filled with things such as keys, wallet, and similar, we will use a handle for carrying in our hand. On the other hand, we may not use this option outside. Like everyone else, we are looking for a comfortable path to success, so we will be entitled to the width of the shoulder strap and the presence of sliding padding. 

Elegant and dangerous

The bags are rather suitable for everyday urban life. Unlike the backpacks, they look more sophisticated and cultural. Therefore, on the way around the city, if we want to have everything together in one place, we should reach for stylish over the shoulder bag. The principle is the same, but the construction is different. We can expect something little different from each bag. Weapons lovers watch out! Even an elegant and inconspicuous bag can hide the space for CCW. This space is well accessible to the natural position of the hand to ensure the fastest draw. However, it is not noticeable which is considered an advantage.

To the city, for a coffee and at the shooting range

As we have already mentioned, the designs and internal distribution are different. How so? Every company tries to feed the market that is governed by the demand of customers. Someone wants a simple laptop bag where they put their documents and other personal belongings. This bag will have space for laptop that must be padded. Another customer would like a small storage bag with the CCW compartment. Even for such it can be found what he/she is looking for. To store magazines and weapons? There is no problem, the so -called shooting bags are now well known, they have become the best friends of shooters around the world. Everyone will find their own. At first, think, what do you want the bag for. After that comes time for material, brand and look. 

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