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To keep our customers happy, we only offer products of the highest quality. Nevertheless, should a reason for warranty claim occur, please follow the following steps so that the claim could be accepted and settled in the shortest time possible.

Damage caused by transport

The buyer is obliged to check the condition of the shipment upon delivery and refuse to accept an incomplete or damaged shipment. If, however, the buyer finds out after the delivery, that the shipment is damaged, the buyer is obliged to inform the seller by email support@rigad.com within 24 hours (please provide name, order no. and description of the damage). The warranty claim department will ensure the quickest replacement possible. After this period the product warranty cannot be claimed.

Warranty claims during warranty period

The buyer is required to file a defect notification (complaint) immediately after the defect has been discovered. In order for the warranty claim to be accepted, the claim has to be filed within warranty period, which is 24 months. The seller is not responsible for any damages resulting from improper use of the product, or for damage caused by external events or improper handling. Such defects are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of the product (or its parts) caused by use. A shorter product life can not be considered as a defect and is therefore not a reason for complaint.

The seller undertakes to repair or replace a defective product within 30 calendar days of receipt of the product claimed.

Warranty claim procedure

The buyer will deliver the product in person or by transportation service at his own expense, together with a copy of the invoice or sales receipt and the warranty card (if issued) at the following address:
Safety Agency, s.r.o.
Pod Černým mostem 486
513 01 Semily

Pack the shipped products carefully. The seller is not responsible for any damages during transport. Do not forget to attach a copy of the invoice or sales receipt and warranty card to the item you are claiming! And describe thoroughly the nature of the damage.

When claiming a product

  • needs to be handed over (shipped) complete
  • dry
  • clean and free from stai
  • all hygienic defects removed

Download warranty claim form