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Discounts and bonuses for police, military, rescue squads, airsoft

Loyalty program for loyal customers

Do you like shopping for army, outdoor and survival gear and want to save some money when doing so? Then our loyalty program is the right choice for you!

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Discounts for members of organizations and clubs

re you a member of armed forces, rescue squads, security agencies, sport clubs or other organizations? Then you can shop for discounted prices right away!

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Loyalty program for loyal customers

In order to participate in our loyalty program you need to be registered in our e-shop. Not registered yet? Register here. This is the first and last requirement you need to meet. Now you only need to shop, we do the rest for you!

How can you get benefits?

To get your bonus, you need to spend at least 120 EUR / 133.3 USD (applies to next order from the time all orders counted towards this limit are taken over). After that you get your 10 % discount valid for next 4 months (120 days). If you keep ordering within this time (every 4 months), no matter what!, the 10 % discount is continuos, meaning if you want to keep your 10% discount all the time all you have to do is buy something within every 4 month period.

What happens if I don´t order within 4 months?

You will loose your 10% discount, but don´t worry. You will get 5% discount to your account, which you will never loose. As soon as you order again, you get your 10 % back for next 4 months etc.

When is the order value added into the turnover

The value will be added on the day when you pick up the package.

One problematic example for better understanding

Quite often we faced the questions "Why did I fall to the 5% level when I ordered on time?". In all cases, it was an order at the last minute before the expiration of the 10% discount and there was the ambiguity. Example

  • You have received a 10% discount, which is valid until 9.10.2021 inclusive. That day you will make an order with a paid card (still with a 10% discount)
  • The next day, ie 10.10.2021, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have fallen to the 5% discount level. Why? Because we consider the order to the loyalty program at the moment of taking over the package.
  • However, as soon as the decisive event occurs (sending or taking over the package), you qualify for a 10% discount back again.
  • This then applies retroactively from the date of the order, not from the date of the decisive event.

Why do we make it so complicated? The reason is simple - we want the loyalty program to be a reward for loyal customers and they have a chance to save money. But we must defend ourselves against the people who like to "reward" any good thing by circumventing it without being entitled to it. This is how we are defended against these "fraudsters" and you, honest loyal customers, can get the discount you deserve without penalizing you in any way.

Prices on the internet

If you have qualified for a certain discount level, on the website you see prices that apply to you, which means how much you will actually pay. In the cart you are then able to see how much you have saved thanks to the loyalty program. Loyalty program discounts des not apply to already discounted items, firearms, ammunition, magazines, gift vouchers, shooting range adventure packages, laser engraving service, firearm servicing and gunsmithing, and products from the brands Team Wendy and Acheron Corp!

Where can I see my benefits?

Simply log in to your account and at the top you will see your summary (what´s your actual discount, how long is valid, another conditions etc). You will find more informations in Discounts and Benefits.

Discounts for members of organizations and clubs

There is an instant discount for members of certain organizations and clubs. We intend to make your job easier and support you in your free time activities and hobbies, which is why we offer you an instant discount for our products.

10 % discount for Police and Army

  • members of the Army
  • members of the State Police as well as Municipal Police
  • members of the Fire Department
  • Customs and Prisons officers
  • war veterans
  • Active Reserve members

5 % for another agencies icluding

  • members of the Safety Agencies
  • airsoft team members
  • paintball team members
  • fishing club members
  • hunting club members
  • shooting club members
  • members of a LEX association

How to get your discount?

To get your discount you need your valid service card or your club card. You need to register and click on " I am the member of club or organization". Scan your document and complete your registration. We then verify it and if successful, it will be authorized within 24 hrs.

Prices on the internet

On our website you will see the actual prices for you. In your basket you can see your discount. Discounts does not apply to already discounted items, firearms, ammunition, magazines, gift vouchers, shooting range adventure packages, laser engraving service, firearm servicing and gunsmithing, and products from the brands Team Wendy and Acheron Corp.  Those, who have 5% discount, are members of our beneficial programm so you can possibly increase it to 10 %, see the conditions.