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Information Center

For convenience of shopping

All information for convenient browsing through the e-shop and processing your purchase quickly and clearly.

After ordering goods

Once you order goods, there may be a few situations that you need to solve. All auxiliary articles of this type can be found in this section.

Discounts and benefits

Whether you are a soldier, a police officer, a security team member, our loyal customer, or just a lucky individual with our discount voucher in hand, the prices listed on the site may not be final. What discounts we offer and to whom could be found here.

Shops and depot

Where can you get the goods to pick up, get advice, or just check things out personally? You can find out in this section.

General Information

Would you like to know something about us, contact us or read an article in a magazine or a glossary? In this section, you will find links to everything important.


As elsewhere, even with us, you may come across some administration tasks as well. Sometimes boring but also important information that is always good to be aware of.


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