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Pickaxe is a tool that has been used for hundreds of years. Everyone knows how does it look. But what if we need to carry it with us all the time ? Is it possible ? 

Everyone knows it, but no one would like to make a living with its help. What is it ? Yes, it is a pickaxe. This tool is highly underestimated. Although it is a symbol of manual work, without its help we would hardly be where we are today. Does it seem exaggerated? Just realize how many kilometers of roads, sidewalks, cabling and pipes were dug with its help. What makes it so special ? 

Metal and wood 

We all know the construction of pickaxe. It consists of handle usually made from hardwood with head made of steel at the end. This head is solid enough to do even heavy work and has two different ends. Pick on the one end and chisel on the other. The length of the handle and weight of the head should be also mentioned. We use swing motion when working with pickaxe. Sufficiently heavy handle gains speed and kinetic energy that is converted to the end point. We can easily dig with it, scoop, but also dredge stones or wood. What could be in our interest is the history of the pickaxe and its development.  

Small and handy 

Nowadays it is pretty much same like hundred years ago. However, a novelty is a small portable pickaxe that we could see before, but not in this submission. What is small pickaxe for? Imagine you are soldier or survivalist. How will we dig a trench, place for shelter or campfire ? A small portable pickaxe is great for such tasks. Small enough to fit on our backpack yet big enough for manual work. Such pickaxes usually have plastic handle instead of wooden one. Plastic is much more lighter but with same qualities for required work. So if we wander in wilderness, we definitely want something lightweight which these portable pickaxes offer. 

We can offer unknown 

Our e-shop offers such portable pickaxes that we could use on our travels. We can just as well store them in our car in case of emergency. 

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