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The blouses protect upper part of the body, which is the most prone part to external influences. It is not only about fabric, but the cut/style, which creates comfort, is also important. The blouses can be also part of the uniform, so be aware of that. 

When we look at the soldiers who are dressed in uniform, what do we see? Pants, shoes, hat and blouse. Below it is a shirt and other layers, but we wanted to get to the blouse. This top, we can find in a standard uniform of a modern soldier. It could be described as a hybrid of shirt and jacket. Theoretically it is both, but practically not even one. How is that possible? The blouse has just like a jacket or shirt several pockets. It fastens in the middle, but it does not protect so well against the rain or wind.

Same but different

We could easily say that all the blouses are the same, but only with their potential and basic design. They consist of body part and two long sleeves. At the end of the sleeves there are cuffs, with which you can adjust the sleeves. The blouses fastens in the middle via buttons or zipper. Eiher way, the fastening is covered to protect against escape of heat. The fastening goes all way up to the neck, where is a collar. Other things, such as pockets, color, cut, etc., are a matter of the army and manufacturer.  Also, the blouse should be able for use on warmer and colder days alike.

Army with a style

Let´s realize, that blouse is a part of the uniform. It can therefore be assumed that every army has spent enough money to make their uniform good. If we get the original one, we won´t regret it. Materials that combine cotton and polyester in an ideal ratio are used. The pockets are placed to suit the use.

A little differently, but better

In addition to the army, there are many manufacturers who produce uniforms. They make them not only for the army, but also for civilians, who want a little more from their clothing. They often develop uniforms, including blouses, with the help of members of special units who know best what they need and expect. These uniforms are a bit more expensive than the originals, but they can offer more comfort and better processing. It is also a bit caused by the fact that not every army wants to invest so much money in the uniform. What can be improved on already good product ? A lot, the point is to satisfy as many people as possible. Armies have their blouses in different camo variations. The same is offered by private companies, plus standard colours, such as black, coyote and others. These colours are more suitable for every-day wear. The styles and designs are also better developed, offering better materials and fasteners.

Which one?

The final selection will always be up to us. That is why it is always better to know more to be ready. We can choose according to style, cut, pockets or camo pattern. It depends whether we use for every-day wear, airsoft, or others. With these circumstances, we expect some camouflaging effects and above all we usually "transform" to some army that has its camouflage pattern. Blouses offer many advantages, they are usually wind resistant, have plenty of pockets and generally well made. By wearing them, we will definitely not make a mistake. 

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