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To cut a branch or tree with saw is easy. We need to know what are the options if we want to carry saw with us all the time. Yes, it is possible. 

When choosing the best friend for a walk through the forest, where we need to do occasional cutting, think of the saw. The saw was probably one of the first tools that people tried to make. The first mention of the saw come from ancient Egypt. Around 3000 BC and they were made of copper. When the ancient Egyptians knew what the saw was hiding, why not us? If we are going on a trip to the forest, the saw should not be missing. Do we know the options ? Let´s find out.  

Simple yet great design 

As we know, saw consists of the blade and the handle. The blade is made from metal with teeth on it. They are in a row in different angles and curvature. According to them, it is distinguished whether it is a saw for metal, wood or other materials. We are obviously focused on the one for wood. Did we know, that there are many types of hand saws ? We will definitely not be taking large frame saw with us into the woods. So which one then ?

Into the pocket 

One of the nowadays designs of hand saws is also folding saw. The blade either goes straight inside the handle or it can be folded similarly to folding knife. Either way, the blade must be long enough to be able to cut comfortably. In these cases, the teeth are in two rows so that they do not overlap and move on each other smoothly. They are sharpen from both sides equally which ensures good cutting. Such saw is highly effective but also quite big. We can store it in our backpack but not in survival kit...So what do we do ? 

A chain that is not on the neck 

In the second half of the twentieth century started demand for economical saws that would perhaps not be so effective, but easy to store and lightweight. And exactly such saw was invented - let us introduce you hand chain saw. Really ? Yes, such saw also uses chain like standard chainsaw but instead of engine we use our hands. This saw has special handles or straps on both sides. The chains themselves, however, may be various. Either way, it is really impresive part of the equipment. But what if we want something even smaller ? Hand chain saw is great but still not small enough. 

Wire instead of chain 

Under these requirements the chain is replaced by wire and handles by the pull rings usually from steel. The wire is extra sharp, it can cut both small and larger branches and trees. It also depends on its quality but also on our endurance. We need to realize that wire saw is not intended to be a saw for everyday use, but rather a saw for emergency situations which also perfectly fits in your survival kit. For such cases, we can 100% rely on it.  

Making selection again 

The selection is about size and use/efficiency of the saw. The small wire saw can be in our pocket in case of emergency when we are outside in the nature. On the other hand, larger saws will be used for normal wood cutting. Our e-shop also offers strong saws for every day use, which is proved by their construction and quality. 

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