📢 We are moving on: Top–ArmyShop is changing its name to Rigad! I want to read more

☠️ Top–ArmyShop is closing down

We are excited to announce an important change in the life of our e-shop. We are moving on: Top–ArmyShop is changing its name to Rigad!
Logo Rigad

The new name brings a new chapter in our history and thus reflects our values, mission and commitment to you - our loyal customers. We differ from other army shops by the fact that, in addition to a wide range of products, we also create valuable and useful content. These are, for example, videos, own photos, professional articles or services in the form of gun service and laser engraving. Whatever the name, our dedication and quality of service remains the same. Simply put, we enjoy it and live for it.
Over the coming weeks you will see gradual changes on our website and our social media as we adapt to the new name. Thank you for your support and trust you have shown us over the years.
Team Rigad

Check out Rigad.com and let us know what you think. Afterwards, we will connect the domains, so you don't have to worry about not being able to find us, whether it's Top–ArmyShop or Rigad, it's still us!

Rigad social networks
What about our social networks? Rigad's Facebook and Instagram remain, where you can find mainly weapons and equipment, as it is already customary. In addition, you can follow our new channels for Rigad Facebook and Instagram, where you will find mainly outdoor stuff (we are still preparing the profiles and will inform you in time to start following us there too). YouTube channel is only changing its name, but the content remains the same quality.
Questions and Answers
Our announcement of the name change from Top–ArmyShop to Rigad, which we made on 1/4/2024, raised a lot of questions, so we decided to answer the important ones in a short message that follows our original article.
1. Was the name change announcement just an April Fool's joke?
Definitely not. After many years and tens of hours of solutions, we decided on this change, which is permanent.
2. What does the name Rigad mean?
This word means nothing. It won in an internal vote. We understand that some may not like it, just like the new logo, but that's just a matter of opinion.
3. Was there a name change due to the fact that someone bought you?
No way. No one bought us and we never thought about it. We pave our own way, and we're glad that's the way it is.
4. So what is changing?
In addition to the name, we also changed the website, which we have been working on for many months and tweaked it based on what bothered us about the current one. So you can notice the new category tree, new layout, filtering and visual elements. The assortment is still the same. Of course, we are developing it, but it corresponds to what is on the Top–ArmyShop.com website.
5. What's up with my account?
Your account currently works on both domains. Just log in. In principle, it doesn't matter where you place your next order, you will always have it in your administration.
6. Why is the website so slow? Will you be running both sites?
Currently, we are still decorating the new website and working on it. It may therefore have a slower speed from time to time, which will improve within days. For the time being, both websites will be running, and new products will be added to both Top–ArmyShop.com and Rigad.com. We will of course be happy if you move to the new website, as the old one will be shut down in the future.
Of course, if something bothers you or you have an idea for some improvement, let us know. We'd love to hear everything.
And finally, what should you expect from Rigad? You can certainly look forward to brand products, news on offer, more interesting assortments, of course, other stores. One is already being worked on and others are already being solved. Also on YouTube you can see a new kind of content, for example BRNka to people and others.
So don't forget to follow us so you don't miss anything!