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For the purpose of self-defense, mankind has already invented a lot of different equipment. However, one category in particular confirms to us that there really are no limits to imagination. We are talking here about defence umbrellas that fulfill multiple functions. Including the one we would expect.

In some circles, it's simply better not to draw too much attention to yourself. And not cause panic in the public areas with a real gun that looks like… well, like a real gun. And what is the alternative? Simply bring a weapon that doesn't look like a weapon.

An umbrella is the ideal solution for these purposes. If you don't take it with you on a hike to the Krkonoše Mountains, you'll be inconspicuous with it almost anywhere. That is, maybe except for exceptionally hot days. But then again – you can claim that you took the umbrella as protection against the sun.

Defence umbrellas are characterized by an exceptionally rigid construction. In short, when you punch a potential attacker with them in self-defense, they more or less won't even bend, let alone crack. They can perform essentially the same functions as a baseball bat - with the only difference being that a baseball bat in a theater or cafe would at least raise eyebrows and question marks in the eyes of other guests.

In contrast, a defence umbrella can make you feel like a secret agent. Such an umbrella also serves as an umbrella. You can simply protect yourself from the rain with it, as its coating is effective enough to capture and redirect raindrops that would otherwise get you wet.

For example, you can find umbrellas with a spherical head made of hard wood, which serves as the striking part of the umbrella. And believe me, if you go against a person who attacks you with such an umbrella, you just need to hit him in the shin and effectively put him "out of order". At the same time, you will be sure that you will not cause him a fatal injury and you will not be accused of unreasonable defense.

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