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Universality is trendy today. This also applies to tools. The so-called multi - tool conquers the world and we want it more and more. However, the problem is in purpose. We have to think well about what we use it for and where do we wear it. 

Crosshead and flathead screwdrivers, pliers, saw and pockets are full. Where now to put keys, wallet and phone? There is easier way. If we belong to those, who needs to carry tools, there is one perfect possibility. This possibility is of course multi-tool. What it is ? Practically it is a set of tools connected to one piece that we can comfortably store in a pocket or attach to the belt. We will be therefore equipped a little more.

More things, more options

The tools can be divided just into tools, accessories and multi-pliers. The difference is in construction. While the tool is a monotonous accessory with different parts for different uses, multi-pliers(multi-tool) represent a revolution. What revolution?  I have pliers at home too. But not such pliers. They are not called multi-use by accident. Unobtrusively looking at first sight, turns into a solid and reliable tool within a few moments. Another features are for example knife, screwdrivers or saw. There are many combinations and possibilities. Every seller wants to offer us something little different to attract our attention.

Right choice = satisfaction

To choose the right multi-tool takes a time. The difference between the cheap ones and the ones they are worth it, is obvious. At first glance, we can see it for example by processing. The spigots should be solid and strong, steel hard and durable, jaws of pliers must close properly and not be flimsy. Another thing, according to which you usually recognize high-quality pliers, is their price and manufacturer. If we stick to leading manufacturers, such as Leatherman or Gerber, we will not make a mistake. These are time-tested manufacturers and have been dealing with production for a very long time. The only big difference is whether the jaws of the pliers can be folded or if they are fixed. This difference is particularly evident if we want to wear it in the pocket.

More accessories, more possibilities

In this case, accessories are mostly spare parts or removable bits. Let's not be discouraged by disinterest. The possibilities of our multi-tool are even more expanded using removable bits and attachments. Moreover, their dimensions are almost negligible. Keep in mind, that luck is usually on the side of those who are prepared.

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