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Weapon bags provide comfortable organization. All equipment must be well protected from impacts and weather (especially moisture). Effectively means safely.

With different hobbies come different equipment needed for these hobbies. When our hobby is shooting, we need weapon, ammunition and other things. On our way to shooting range we can just put it into the backpack or bag. If we are following the law, it is nothing illegal. However,our standard bag can not provide enough space and comfort for our shooting gear.How do we solve it ?

Effective solution 

There are special bags especially designed for general shooting. We call them - weapon bags. What is so special about them ? For example laptop bags are adapted for safe and comfortable laptop carry. The same offers weapon bags for weapons and accessories. We can imagine bag with divided interior to accommodate weapons themselves as well as their accessories. These bags are of different sizes mostly with fastening on the top. After unfastening of the main zipper we get into the interior, where we can see what this bag is intended for. 

Conveniently and according to law 

Inside the bag we can find number of pockets for different uses. This is different with every manufacturer, but there should always be one padded compartment for our weapons. Weapons are usually expensive ( 20 000 CZK at least for fire arm) and that is why we need compartment, where we can safely store them. The bag also provides special room for magazines, which is usually in front pocket with special loops for magazines. According to law, when we carry a weapon, it must be unloaded with magazines being separated and thanks to the special pockets for magazines, it is not a problem anymore. Inside of some bags we can find detachable compartment(bag) with two handles. This extra bag can be a big advantage during moving on a shooting range. Such a bag, where we can have ammunition, headset or shooting glasses, can be simply detached from the main bag and taken anywhere.

Watch out for the rain and shoulders 

Such an unpleasant surprise would be if the bag wasn´t durable. But we shouldn´t worry about this as the bag must be durable. It should have high-quality fastening such as YKK zippers and it must be made from high-quality fabrics, such as nylon. We must realize, that this bag protects our weapons and ammunition, which is already reason for choosing high-quality piece. We should also be aware of the way how we carry it. There are two ways of carry. Either over the shoulder or hand carry. The shoulder strap must be wide and adjustable and handles well-sewn and padded for comfortable carry.

Choosing according to weapon 

In this category we can find different weapon bags. Always choose according to your weapon so we can comfortably store not only weapons themselves, but also their accessories. Pay attention to shoulder strap and fabric from which the bag is made. Interior must have padded compartment and organization that suits us.

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