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Head is the most important part of the entire body so we should protect it as much as possible. The helmet will help us with that, but which one to choose. Do we need cover for it as well ? 

Head is highly prone to injury. We have to realize that it contains sensory organs as well as brain. This fact must convince us that it is necessary to protect it. The best solution would be to protect it constantly. We never know what can fall on our head. However, we could look little silly so let´s be protected at least during adrenalin sports, such as airsoft or paintball. We need it there as well. The question whether to wear helmet is still quite sensitive. Some people would wear it almost everywhere, the others not as much. Helmets are most widely used in military. Over there we need high-level of protection. 

Unnoticeable and protected 

As the helmet is worn on the head, it is quite noticeable. The military helmets are of course adapted not to attract attention. What about if we are wearing black helmet in desert and can not take it off ? In these cases the helmet covers are great, which work as a coverage. 


In this category we can find everything needed for head protection. Different types of helmets for different purposes. Keep in mind, that these are training helmets, not ballistic !  They protect us from impacts and some crashes, but not from missile.

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