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To have everything in the right place and as much accessible. That is the main purpose of tactical vest. Anyway, many of them offer us more storage space and better layout. It is always a matter of preference.

The needs of the soldiers moving forward along with the equipment. The more improvements are available, the more space we need. Where to store it then?  Can we imagine carrying everything in pockets? Magazines, secondary weapon, grenades, radio and so on? Probably hard enough,something would be still falling out and would not be able to work responsibly. Fortunately, we do not have to deal with it, because there are tactical vests. The first tactical vest could be found during the Second World War, when the so -called strap was worn and where the pouches were placed. The real vests are seen with the arrival of the Vietnam War. But since then, they have made a long journey to perfection.

All together

We can imagine a tactical vest as an ordinary vest that we see daily on people, only with pockets, pouches and a little different focus. Practically, it is an indispensable part of the equipment that provides storage for everything we are used to carry with us. The main benefit is the accessibility. Tactical vests are equipped with different pockets and pouches on the front and sides. Accessibility plays a huge role in modern conflicts. The soldier must know where he has magazines, grenade, first-aid kit and so on. The layout of the pockets is obviously different, each manufacturer offers several variants of tactical vests that are differently arranged. For this type of equipment we expect effectiveness.

Construction - key to comfort

Mostly we see vests that have fastening in front. This is very useful in terms of putting on and taking off. It works like a shirt. We put the vest on the body and secure it in front with quick - release buckles, zippers, or by combinations of Velcro and quick-release buckles, etc. When we think a little about this version, we find that by fastening at the front we lose a little space on the side, which is best in terms of accessibility. Instead of fastening, there could be a pouch for another magazine. And it didn't occur to anyone? It did. Therefore, there is a second family of vests, which is fastened on the side using Velcro (hook and loop). This method is a little overly-complicated with taking off, but more effective in terms of using the space. Additionaly, some vests offer a so-called quick - release system. Very simplified - we release the strap, pull it and the vest will spill on us as a cardboard box. What is it for? We get a big advantage when we get hit, for example, and need to quickly take the vest off.

The materials again 

Whether we want it or not, it depends on materials too. The main fabric is very often nylon and its forms from the strongest - 1000D and 1050D to the still very strong - 600D and others. With cheaper vests we can see polyester. It is also good for this use, but it does not provide such properties as nylon. Fasteners are also important, which must be strong and durable. Therefore, YKK zippers are used, considering to be best in the world, altogether with Duraflex buckles. When you see good fabric, altogether with YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles, you can be sure, you have found very good piece of equipment.  

But it's up to us anyway

Even so, we have to realize what vest we actually want. What we expect from it and what coverage should it have. Not all of them can offer what we need. For this reason, we can buy a plain vest with a modular system and adjust it as we want. The choice is priceless. 

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