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The ax has been used as a tool as well as a weapon. This tool is very popular with both woodworkers and tourists, but also in the garden. If we want to carry an ax with us, it should be adapted for this.

There are several tools that are used today for wood processing. One of them is, for example, a saw with which we are able to cut wood beautifully without much effort. We can also use it for cutting a tree. But what if we still want to work on the wood? For such tasks we use an axe. The first axes were made in prehistoric times probably without handle. Practically it was a hand machined stone used for cutting. The first handle is about 8000 years old but the first records are about 5000 years old (from Egypt). What the ax actually is and what do we use it for ? 

An excellent helper 

As we have mentioned, the ax is used for wood processing. it consists of handle and head. The handle is made from wood but more recently we can also see plastic handles which can compete with wood ones very well, especially because they are lighter. Either way, the handle must be ergonomic for good handling with the ax. We don´t need to mention that the head is made from metal. But what metal ? Of course hard, but not too hard. It is good for cutting but when we use it for example for hammering, it may be not as good even though these situations are not as common. So the important thing is - anti-corrosion hardened steel blade. One of the most important thing is also shape of the head which is specific for making our work (cutting) easier. And what about size ?  

Small and big sister 

Just as for example shovels, even axes are being made in several sizes. It depends on the use. Large two-handed axes are great for wood processing. Thanks to their higher weight and large head, we don't have to swing as much and the weight will do its job. But what if we need to carry it ? We only recommend that when we have a car. Although it may seem that the ax is not so heavy, let's believe that after a few kilometers we would regret it. For such situations, there are smaller axes which we can take with us into the woods. But what about longer trips and expeditions ? Over there, we need something completely different. 

We will be surprised 

The truth is that for the purposes of long expeditions, when we count every gram, but also for trips when we do not want to be unnecessarily burdened, something else would be more appropriate. A really small axe/hatchet, that can be worn on our belt or backpack, is used for such situations. Thanks to their dimensions they will not interfere, but at the same time they will do a great job. When we think about, it is not as clear. If you like bigger axes, the middle way will be enough for you, because you can't get along with a small ax. On the contrary, anyone who can effectively use a small ax will be in advantage. We need to realize that with small hatchet we can only do limited work. Such ax really serves only for survival and smaller work. If we want a real worker, let's reach for a large ax, there is no compromises. But it will be difficult to carry it...

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