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It is difficult to carry a weapon in our hands all the time without possibility to put it somewhere. The solution may be weapon slings. But they are not all the same and they work differently.

Can we imagine to carry our weapons in hands ? Yes, when we need to, but otherwise , for example when moving ? Our hands would be constantly full, we would not be able to drink properly or take a rest. Out of the question. The weapon slings have been helping us for centuries. Of course, we are talking about long arms. Such weapons slings are a matter of comfort, style, but also efficiency and sophistication. What are they and how can we divide them ? 

We can´t do it without sling 

The weapon slings are parts of different straps that are attached to the weapon. They allow us to carry a weapon on our back or over the shoulder, which provides relief for our hands and backs. First slings were made from leather and they were simple slings that on one side attached to the barrel and on the other to the gun-stock. The leather is very strong, which made it the ideal material. Nowadays we have many materials that are better than leather. The most popular is nylon and its modifications. Cheaper slings also use polyester, which is good too, but not as good as nylon. And what about other parts ? The slings also feature different buckles and attachments. We should focus not only on material, but also on brand. For example with Duraflex buckles we can be sure of high-quality. 

One, two, three 

There are different types and designs of the slings. Every company tries to attract and offer something different. Aside from this fact, we can divide the slings into three basic groups - one (single) point, two-point and three-point slings. The basic and simplest is one (single) point sling. It only uses one attachment point which is usually placed on gun-stock or at the end of the weapon body. Such sling is highly effective and rather suitable for tactical use. Its design allows convenient handling with the weapon. Two-point sling is the most standard one we can see in the movies, magazines, etc. It attaches to a weapon on its both ends and it is suitable for hunting or if we want to be in better contact with our weapon. It allows convenient carry over the shoulder or on our back. And what about if we don´t like neither of above mentioned slings ? In this case there is a three-point sling, which is compromise between the first two version. It attaches to two points but there is also strap in the middle. This allow us to draw backup weapon or focus on other activities. 

Which one is the right one for me ? 

We have to realize that each sling offers something else. Manufacturers will compete with each other over the features such as flexible straps. There are many possibilities and variants. We should always test it first to know what would be the best for us during use. In general, watch out for materials and how the sling has been made. If the stitching and seams look poor, it is probably not the best buy. 

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