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Binoculars, riflescopes and lasers are practically devices that use the laws of optics. Choose the right accessory and improve your life once and for all!

People often want to improve their current situation. For example, to see at a greater distance or have power to focus better. These things can be arranged using different devices such as lasers, binoculars and riflescopes. How can these devices help us best and how to choose the right one? This category will help you.

To see even distant objects!

On October 2, 1608, Hans Lippershey, Dutch spectacle-maker, had the first telescope patented. Its construction was very primitive, but absolutely groundbreaking. For many years, the construction has been modified, until it finally becomes today´s version. We have a wide scale of telescopes, many types with different uses.

Today we have the main two structures of the telescope - the reflector and the refractor. While the refractor is composed of lenses only (probably the most used form of personal telescopes), the reflector uses a mirror to reflect the image into the sensor. As we have mentioned, in this category you will find only refractor telescopes. Their construction can be imagined as two lenses system located in a tube. The lenses can be divide into the concave or convex. Their correct order and placement will bring the monitored area closer. The content of the lens box is filled with gas for some types that prevents the binoculars from fogging.

Telescope, irreplaceable companion

Outdoor binoculars are a great friend for our trips. We can observe the nature with them as well as animals. Their use can be very useful. For example, for navigation and orientation in nature, we can have a decent picture of the surroundings and thus get direction or data about our position. So there is only one type of binoculars? No, there is not, we can divide them into monoculars, ie telescope for one eye and binoculars - both eyes. The choice is entirely up to us, the monoculars are smaller and more compact, but we do not achieve as much comfort with them as with binoculars. These are much more usable - offer more options. Recently, binoculars have begun to have other options. For example, a range-finder or compass is inserted into them. I won't use that! Such an opinion is quite hasty. Of course, as an ordinary civilian, we probably won't use it. But as an experienced soldier or hunter, we will appreciate it.

Aim and fire 

Riflescope works similarly. The system of lenses assembled to bring the distant target to facilitate the subsequent shot, provided with a sighting cross that determines where the shot will go. As a result, it makes it easier for us to shoot at a longer distance. Due to the influences during greater distance shooting, each riflescope has a correction mechanism. Thanks to it, you can set the correction for the appearing faultsThus, correct the deflection causing the wind, or falling the missile when shooting at a higher distance.

The riflescopes are produced in different qualities with different zoom and other properties. You can learn more in the appropriate category.

Quickly aim and shoot 

Just like the riflescopes, also the gun-sights make shooting easier. How ? The sight projects the dot, the cross, or another pattern that indicates the impact of the missiles. Of course after correct adjustment. The gun -sights are used for shorter distance shooting, at a longer distance they lack sense.

Starring - laser

The last part of this category are laser sights. Their purpose is clear - they indicate a place where the shots will hit. Unlike gun-sights and riflescopes, this designation is usually visible for the surroundings. The laser uses the reinforced luminous flux that goes in one direction. They are used for both short and long guns.

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