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In some languages, the word overall is related to the word combine – in short, it is a versatile work garment that combines the upper and lower parts of outerwear into one whole. You will appreciate trousers and a shirt in one, for example, during technical activities.

When most of us hear the word overalls, we think of either rally racing or aircraft mechanics. However, these are far from the only areas in which this universal piece of clothing can be used. The overalls are suitable, for example, for members of rescue and search missions and actually for any technical activity that we can imagine.

With overalls, it is important that they are made of comfortable material – after all, their wearers often move around in them all day long. In addition to the material, the fit must also be comfortable, which includes, for example, a flexible design in the area below the knees and in the crotch, but also durable and reinforced material, especially on the knees. After all, it is somehow assumed that you will also kneel in overalls while working.

Manufacturers of overalls also emphasize ease of dressing and undressing – after all, no one wants to spend more time than necessary in the dressing room before and after work. In addition, as with other types of work clothes, you must not have the uncomfortable feeling as if you have just put on a straitjacket.

Other practical features, including spacious pockets for hands and tools, will certainly please you. The zipper on which it is fastened must be of the same quality as the overall itself, so that it lasts as long as possible even during everyday use.

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