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Other spare parts and accessories for weapons include those that we could not quite place elsewhere. Even the best product wears out sooner or later with use. That is why you can buy spare parts for weapons from us, the replacement of which is often very simple and even a layman can handle it.

With other spare parts and accessories for weapons, you can restore individual elements to their original functionality and sometimes even upgrade it. In the "Other" category we include, for example, trigger webs for various types of firearms, which belong to trigger mechanisms. Replacing the trigger web is very simple and you can usually do it yourself. The advantage is that you do not have to mechanically modify your weapon for these purposes.

In addition, we also offer optical fibers for weapon sights, which again experience wear and tear during their life cycle. Other "little things" include spacers, cocking levers or triggers for different types of weapons, but also sets of springs or extractors. It is clear that the more common the weapon, the wider the range of accessories and spare parts for it. In particular, we are talking here about the popular CZ Scorpion EVO 3 and the weapons of Česká zbrojovka in general, as well as Glock pistols.

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