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Scarves, shawls and neck warmers in the outdoor or tactical concept are mostly multi-purpose models that can serve as wind protection and camouflage. They can be used on different parts of the body and the fact that you can often adjust their cut is also an advantage.

There is only a minimal difference between scarves, shawls and neck warmer, a scarf can be used as a shawl and vice versa. While a scarf is mostly square in shape, a shawl is a strip of fabric with two ends, and a neck warmer is basically an "endless scarf". Just a scarf that has both ends sewn together. In the tactical and outdoor areas, each of these types is used for a slightly different purpose, however, protection from the elements, especially from wind and cold, is essential here.

A scarf as a solution from the desert

Soldiers deployed in the desert knew well why they protected their necks and faces with a scarf. The desert is full of unpleasant sand. It acts as an abrasive when the wind picks up. This means that it abrades every surface it hits. And this also applies to human skin. It is then dried and ages faster. However, we will use the scarf just as well as in the desert in our climatic conditions. It will protect us against wind, sand and flying dust.

Scarves that are made from different materials (for example, from cotton or its combination with polyester) are not specified by a specific size - they are therefore produced in different dimensions. In an emergency, they can even be used as binding to a splint or to fix an injured hand. And above all, scarves of the Palestine type, i.e. properly keffiyeh, can also be used for effective camouflage, i.e. if we choose the right color combination.

A shalw as protection against the wind

A shalw is not as versatile as a scarf, but on the other hand, it is an effective protection against cold and wind, or a possible sickness. But most of us have probably known that since childhood. In any case, you won't find classic knitted shalws like grandma's with us. On the contrary, here you will find shalw with a tactical overlap, i.e. those that are available in camouflage colors and with which you can also mask your face if necessary. Their structure is designed in such a way that it is possible to see through them in an emergency.

Neck warmers rather for nature

While one of the primary purposes of the scarves and shawls offered on Rigad.cz is camouflage, neck warmers are more about outdoor matters. These are universal protective elements for the neck and/or head, which are made of functional materials that are pleasant to the touch. A great example is merino wool, which keeps warm even after it gets wet and has excellent insulating properties. In addition, it dries well and you will feel like cotton in it. An alternative can be fleece or other synthetic material, which is usually cheaper, but you can also expect comfort here.

So you will use the neck warmers more in nature, even if some of them are also available in camouflage colors. In most cases, you can wear the neck warmer itself in a really versatile way - as a scarf, hat, neck warmer, sweatband or balaclava.

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