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Money is the main item in today´s world. Therefore, they should be safe. Just as IDs or credit cards. The wallet serves great for this. Do we know the options? 

A wallet is a type of protective case in which money, documents and similar things (business cards, credit cards,etc.) are inserted. Thanks to it we have our documents and money together in one place and we can take better care of their safety. On the other hand, carrying money in one pocket and documents and cards in others, is irresponsibility. This way, we have everything together and when changing clothes we just stick the wallet in another pocket. But is it always advantage? No it isn´t. The fact, that everything is together can be used by thieves, who don´t care about conscience. Therefore be vary of where and when do we carry it. The first wallets began to appear with the arrival of paper banknotes. Until then, they were not needed. The coins used to be transported in old fashioned pouches or boxes. Since the 1950s, credit cards compartments began to appear in wallets. 

There is no wallet like wallet

As with everything else, the wallets must fit different fashion requirements. That goes in hand with materials. Luxury wallets are made of leather, which are appreciated not only by businessmen. There are also textile fabric wallets, suitable more for a sports. Thanks to the material used, they repel water, can not be that easily scratched or otherwise damaged. It is all about the choice. It would not be really appropriate to take the textile Maxpedition wallet out of the suit, which is perfectly durable, but does not meet standards expected from the man in suit.  

Everytime different 

The content of the wallets, ie their distribution and internal organization is different. We can compare it to bag, that also has different pockets and compartments. before we choose a wallet, we should know what it offers - how many compartments it has, measurements,  whether it has compartment for coins etc. Not all the wallets have everything we are used to so pay a little attention to both exterior as well as interior. Exterior represents us, interior organization represents the wallet itself. It is great to have everything, where we want to have it. This avoids the inconvenience that the absence of a pocket for the older large format of the ID card may be.

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