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The most heat leaves throught our heads. Headgear is therefore the basis. Do we choose right? The choice of good cut/style and fabric will ensure trouble -free functioning. 

Why do we need a headgear? We either like it, we are used to it, or the situation requires it. Either way, we just need to have it. Many things serve as a headgear today. It can be a controversial hat or scarf. It can also be a baseball cap or a army hat. There are differences between each of these, but do they have something in common? Yes, they will conscientiously serve our interests, whether it is health protection or only fashion intentions. Even the army has headgear as part of a uniform. And so does police. It has its reasons that will be explained in further reading.

What do they offer ? 

The hats are fashion accessories, but also useful companions. Which of these benefits we choose is up to us. The best thing might be to have something from both. Why don´t look good and at the same time be protected? The headgear has a great effect on external influences. Adequate materials help them with this. Someone could be thinking - why good materials when I put it just on my head? Isn't the head a center of human perception and does not ensure the whole body movement ? This is well known by the state services, so you will not see a soldier on duty without a headgear. Every day of the week there are external influences that try our health. We must defend them and headgear is one of the shields.

Beware of the sun

Beautiful sunny days are perfect for walks and trips. We expose to the sun that shines directly on our head. The body consists mainly of liquid, which tends to evaporate. Therefore, the drinking regime is as important as thermal regulation. The headgear can also help us with it. For example, a textile hat or a baseball cap can be soaked, thus cooling the head. Both of these have one more advantage… Do we know which one? They provide a shadow for the head and our eyes. The baseball caps were really created just because of that. Baseball players needed an accessory that would shade the sun while watching the ball. And so the baseball caps were created. We have several basic groups, for now, we just need their purpose. Thanks to the visor, they prevent direct sunlight on the eyes, thus protecting them.

Cold is not your friend 

Winter is a punishment for somebody and pleasure for others. Nevertheless, both of the groups needs to be protected from the cold. The most effective way is a hat, which insulates the head against loss of heat. It is reported that by blood circulation in the brain and the blood concentration, up to 70% of the body heat leaves the head. That is something to think about. All people who do not wear a headgear in cold weather are at risk. Only one small headgear and risk is reduced...

Fleece only sometimes 

The material depends on the use of the headgear. With today's possibilities, we are not limited to only one or two fabrics. However, if we want a winter hat to warm us, let's choose fleece. It is warming, lightweight and durable. On the other, it is not really suitable for warrmer days, where we should rather choose a mix of polyester and cotton. It is necessary to maintain breathability so our head does not sweat. The choice depends on the use of the headgear, so choose wisely, we have large assortment.

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