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T-shirt is the most worn layer of clothing we know. We can have long sleeve, short sleeve t-shirt, with logo or without. But not every time is appropriate for the situation, so that is why we should choose wisely. 

The most common upper body cover is undoubtedly a t-shirt. When we wear jacket or sweatshirt, in most cases we have t-shirt underneath. The first reference of the t-shirt, as we know it today, goes back to the American-Spanish War, when it was worn by American soldiers. But it became popular after World War II, when along with the bottoms of the uniform was worn by war veterans in the United States. The real BOOM started in the 50´s, when we could see t-shirts more and more in the movies. A lot of years have passed since then, which is reflected also on the designs and cuts of the t-shirts. We can use them in different situations, winter and summer, all you need is just to choose the right ones. 

Long sleeve, short sleeve, slim fit or loose fit 

Just as with another clothing, also the t-shirts have different cuts and styles. Categorically
we could separate them into the long and short-sleeved T -shirts. Another categories could be outdoor t-shirts, functional, more formal ones, etc. Because it is a most common part of the clothing, the selection is huge and we can even be more "meticulous". Is there a lot to choose from? Yes, there are many designs, styles, colors just as cuts. We can get slim fit t-shirt, which has great moisture wicking properties or loose fit t-shirt, which is more formal. 

Modernization comes 

The first t-shirts were made from cotton. The cotton is an excellent choice. Breaths naturally, washes easily, is shapable and can offer many different colors and styles. When synthetic fibers were invented, the cotton started to be mixed with polyester. This combination is well known today, practically those are bit more elastic (elastan mix) or resistant t-shirts. Last, but not least, we have so called thermo-shirts, that are very popular. Is there a reason for that? The answer is quite simple - options. 

Modern fibers = future

Thanks to the use of modern fibers, we can transform t-shirts into the something more, than just part of clothing. Their functions can be expanded to create a sensation. The functional clothing has its purpose. There is a winter thermo-clothing, whose main ability is thermo-regulation. It has great warming and moisture wicking properties, which is highly appreciated when we are more active. For summer, the breathable, moisture wicking and t-shirts with antibacterial properties, are more suitable. This would not be possible with cotton, but with new fabrics, it is not problem at all. Can we see the differences already? The options. Options, why still more and more people are looking for these products.Functional clothing is our future. We will find out,as soon as we start using it. 

Just choose correctly 

With classic t-shirts we do not have that much a problem with the selection. Usually all we need is just the right size. Nice design and comfortable fabric are the main criterias. The size is much more important with thermo-clothing. It should be body fitting to make the most of its properties yet it must be comfortable. The design and colour are here secondary. We should choose the shirt according to what we will use it for and what we expect from it. Only then we will be maximally satisfied

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