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The machete is a great helper both in the garden and when cutting through the dense forest. Should we know something about it ? Of course ! The right choice will guarantee long -term satisfaction.

Machetes have a great advantage over knives. Although they are not compact or inconspicuous, they do their job. Like knives, their construction consists of a blade and handle. There similarity ends, because the machetes are often several times larger than the knives. Designed directly for work, thanks to their higher weight they have more kinetic energy when swinging, which will not leave anything in front of them.

A helper to the forest and the garden

It is this energy that we will use during our work. Today, it is used mainly in agriculture, when its shape cuts off the plants without major problems. Let´s leave the commercial use aside and focus on situations where it can help us. The machete is a master in cutting through the vegetation. It doesn´t appear accidentally in films where a group of people try to get through an impenetrable jungle. In this case, the machete is irreplaceable. Likewise, it can help in the garden and it does not disappoint even when processing wood. 

Nothing comes for free

We immediately realize that such a work item needs proper materials that will underline its reputation. With the machete, the big question is the choice of steel. The steel must be very strong and at the same time flexible enough to prevent unpleasant blade breakage. The handle must offer a good grip so that it does not happen that the machete will slip. Such inconvenience is unimaginable - we could easily get hurt. Materials used for handles are similar to knives. Wood is very popular, which is a great choice taking into account tradition and endurance. But you can not stop the progress. Therefore, wood is being replaced by plastic, just like by the carbon fiber or mikarta materials. We can not blame them, they are an excellent choice and they will not disappoint us.

So how do we choose 

The choice itself becomes difficult. So what should we keep in mind? Mainly remember that the more secure the grip, the safer work. Steel should be at least mid class, as a large work commitment can be expected. The machete will cut even when blunt, thanks to its kinetic energy. But the sharp is always better. Let's try the length, how it suits us. We must not forget, taking into account the history, that machete is a weapon. So let's be careful to avoid troubles.

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