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Eyes are one of the most precious things we have. So why to put them at risk. What protection to choose and what should be able to do ? 

Eye protection is the most basic element. It must not be missing at any activity where the eyes could be damaged. The eye is very sensitive to external influences. The core of the eye is formed by a gel-shaped vitreous, which together with other parts of the eye is protected by the cornea. This can be imagined as a membrane that holds everything together. Any damage may have fatal consequences. So what eye protection to choose? How to proceed with the selection and what do we actually have at our disposal? This is a question for further reading.

The sun is not just a friend 

There would be no life without the sun. Sunny days give us a good mood, we are full of energy. But is the sun really just our friend? To a large extent yes, but unfortunately there is so-called UV radiation, which is harmful not only to our eyes. UV, from Ultra-Violet. Fortunately, there is a possibility how to protect our eyes. With the sunglasses watch out for the UV filter. Thanks to it, sunlight does not get into the eyes through the glasses. We can therefore enjoy a sunny day without worrying about our eyes.

Safely at work 

When we have to protect ourselves from the sun rays, our caution at work should be even greater. In the office? No, we rather mean manual work, where is a real possibility that something gets into our eyes. For example, work with wood, lathe work, masonry work etc. The consideration of when glasses are needed is up to us, but keep in mind that the eyes are difficult to cure. So what are work glasses? Just like the sunglasses, they consist of rims and lenses. Durability is very important for lenses. They must be hardened or otherwise durable for the best possible protection. 

The glasses are the basis 

The more important the glasses are at work, the more they are during shooting and related sports. Whether it is a real shooting or airsoft, the eye protection is necessery. Aisoft weapons balls are hard and fly at a speed of over 100 m/s. With real shooting, the shot may fail and dust and debris particles are thrown directly at us. In this case, it is really advisable to have good eye protection. Are there any criteria? Yes, as with other protective features, there are tests and standards that the glasses have to go through. Let's look out for them and our eyes will stay safe.

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