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Rangefinders are optical devices that can reliably measure the distance to a target. They are also useful for hunters who can target their prey more efficiently. In any case, the purpose of rangefinders, especially ballistic ones, is to shoot as accurately as possible under the given conditions.

You should be able to read all the necessary ballistics data from the ballistic range finder, and with high accuracy. These optical devices are therefore suitable for both hunters and sports shooters who shoot at longer distances and need to estimate possible effects of the surroundings on the accuracy of their shooting.

The basis is quality optics

The basis of the rangefinder should be quality optical equipment with durable lenses equipped with an anti-reflective coating on the outside. The lenses of the device should also be waterproof, because with the rangefinder, as with the gun itself and other accessories, it is somehow assumed that you will use it in more demanding conditions and environments, which will not always be favorable to expensive equipment.

Environmental sensors

Another integral part of rangefinders are integrated sensors (sensors) of the environment, which evaluate various data from the outside and then provide them to shooters in a clear and digestible form. And thanks to the support of Bluetooth or other communication technology, sometimes even in the mobile application on the paired smartphone. The mobile application can also have a comprehensive ammunition database, which is an advantage, because the output ballistic data will then be precisely adapted to specific ammunition.

Accuracy thanks to ballistic profiles

Specific sensors can be a compass, a humidity sensor, a barometric pressure sensor, or a current temperature sensor. There may also be adjustable ballistic profiles of different weapons and even some preset ones. In order for the rangefinders to be as accurate as possible, it is necessary to adapt them not only to the ammunition used, but also to the specific weapon.

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