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Paracord 550 (or parachute cord), these are the names for the most popular variant : namely Paracord Type II with capacity 550 pounds (250 kg) which is made (beside its braid) of another 7-9 nylon strands. It is one of the essential gear for survival in the nature. 

From parachute on wrist and equipment 

Paracord is used on military backpacks (loops, fastening ...), parachutes (hence its name and glory – it is used since World War II ), jackets... but it can be found even on places where we would not expect it – for example it was used when fixing Hubble Space Telescope. It is also excellent when setting up traps in nature (beware of the ilegality!) or for different repairs – does your tarpaulin have holes ? Use your Swiss Army Knife altogether with Paracord strands ! Do you need your knife to make a javelin ? Just fix it with Paracord to keep it on place. 

Paracord is similarly excellent as for example duct tape – there isn´t many things you can´t fix using Paracord: it can be used as shoe-laces, bowstring, it can help with transporting of wood, can be used for making a hammock, pouches for your weapons and accessories, but also simple sling (yes, same weapon that David used to kill Goliath). But the paracord biggest strength is its ability to work as a fastener for your shelters, etc. 

Elegant and useful at the same time 

As you can see, Paracord is highly durable and pliable. Thickness is usually 4 mm, which can be tempting to make something out of it … Just go ahead, it is really entertaining. We are sure that you are curious about its wearing on a wrist. Somebody has once said that it would be great to have it with us all the time, ready when we need it. It does not really matter who that person was, but it was created something almost world-changing. No, we do not exaggerate. It is no coincidence that Paracord bracelets are called„survival bracelets “. They are sold worldwide and company make different variations. What is their biggest advantage ? They are stylish and can help you in critical situations. Let´see how.

Paracord as a bracelet - the range is wide 

Imagine you are out in the nature and you want to built a shelter. No one would like to peel off the bast and rip bark of the trees after a long trip just to fix some branches together( not mentioning unnecessary harm for the nature). Is there a different way ? Yes, there is. We can carry string or wire to solve this problem. But both may be left home or forgotten in other backpack and we have nothing. So what about to put some cord on our arm. How would we look with long piece of string wrapped around our wrist ? The solution is actually elegant and sophisticated. 

Paracord bracelet has around 17 cm, depends on wrist, but it is usually between 15 cm - 20 cm. On average you need around 5 meters of Paracord for such bracelet, which is made of 7 - 9 strands, depending on type ( 5 x 7 = 35 and 5 x 9 = 45

In this category you can find different types and variations, colors and fastenings, which are usually quick-release buckles or special steel carabines. Such a carabine can also help us when it has decent capacity. If you don´t like it on you wrist, you can carry it on your backpack or for example on your dog´s leash. But you can also find here Paracord as a normal long cord, that can be easily put in your backpack. The choice is up to you...

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