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Showing time is no longer the only function of watches. Especially the military or tactical ones. So what should they do? What advantage should they offer ?

Time, whether we like it or not, control our lives for centuries. For better orientation as well as work fulfillment it is better to follow. But how, when there were only tower clocks in the past ? It was time to invent a personal watch.  The first watch were so called Nuremburg eggs by Peter Henlein from the year 1500. It was very unreliable due to the irregular operation caused by the decreasing driving force of the spring on the oscillator. For five hundred years, the inventors and watchmakers tried to solve all the problems. Thanks to this we have today an uncompromising device that shows time, but not just that.

Time as an established standard

We live in difficult times, so showing time is no longer enough. It is clear to everyone that time must be accurate. As the standard goes up, other features are added to the watch that require more power to operate. The watch can be powered in several ways. The most common and cheapest option is the battery. Many, I dare say the vast majority, watches run on this kind of energy. Who would like to change them all the time? If we are willing to pay a little extra, we will find alternatives in the world of watches that work as a self-sufficient source of energy. One variant are a mechanical watches, which are wounded manually or with weights. The weight is located on the inside of the watch. During the movements of the hand that accompanies walking, the weight moves and thus winding the watch. The most modern variant is the use of solar energy, where the dial is one large solar panel.

One function is not enough

Man is a complex creature. In essence, we have the will to move forward and innovate - which is probably why we are where we are. The same goes for watches. That's why we have wide range of watches that offer a variety of features. The basic aspect of the selection is - whether we want an analog or digital watch. Whether we wear them with a suit or for biking outdoors. Such a thinking is very important. Since we are on the ArmyShop website, where everything has a purpose, this category is focused on digital watches, which in addition to showing of time really offer many other features. Digital watches are usually battery powered. The dial consists of a display on which functions can be changed using the side buttons. The watch offers a stopwatch, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, simply everything a modern tourist or soldier may need.

Without quality there is no buyer

The presence of high-quality and solid materials is necessary. After all, we will wear our watch in the woods and expose it to sweat, external influences and occasional shocks. Digital ones are mostly adapted to such exposing. What should we watch out for ? Simply construction. If we want the watch to last, they should have a sturdy rubber or plastic strap with a metal buckle for fastening. The body consists of hardened plastic and the back of the stainless steel metal. The big question is the glass. The glass is the most vulnerable part of the watch. It gets easily scratched and can even crack. What can be done against it? There are a number of glasses of different strengths. The best choice is sapphire glass, offerring excellent toughness. Right behind is a mineral glass and then ordinary. Each component represents a piece of chain that can broke. If we want to wear it only occasionally, it is probably not worth investing. However, when we expect a greater service, we should reach deeper in the pocket.

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