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Comfortable showering even in the middle of nowhere ? It is not a problem with solar showers. We should think of efficiency and the right size as it might not always be easy for transport. 

When we are alone in the nature, far from the civilization, it can be difficult to get standards that we are used to. Dining is also quite provisional even know the accessories nowdays are better and better. The similar situation is with personal hygiene. To keep high standard of personal hygiene for example when camping does not have to be always easy. Cold water is not always pleasant so is there any possibility to replace a shower ? There is and it is quite simple too. It is called solar shower. How does it work ? 

Black bag and water injection hole 

It contains of three main parts - bag, hose and a water injection hole with leak proof cap. The bag, which is the main part, has usually black color. This color efficiently absorbs the solar energy to heat up the water. The material must be strong and durable, which is in this case PVC. It can be packed small and takes large amount of water without bursting. There are attachments that allow us to attach it where we need it. At the bottom there is an outlet for the hose, which has special ending. For proper endurance, all materials should be plastic. How does it work then ? 

Sun instead of boiler 

It is quite simple. Fill the bag with water and put it on a place with a direct sunlight. Heating time depends on how many liters of water we have inside. When we think the water is hot enough, we just hang it somewhere above us, release the switch and we can start showering. The black color makes the heating fast as it captures sunlight more effectively than other colors. 

Camp or wilderness 

It does not really matter where we are, all we need is just enough of water and we can start using it. It is great when camping or anywhere in the nature, where is no access to the showers. It can be also easily stored in our backpack, where it won´t take much of a space. This category offers basic types of bags with different volumes. We can choose according to the way of use - solar showers with larger volumes would be used more in campsites, for our trip to wilderness we will prefer smaller and easier to store ones. 

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