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Camping is very popular nowdays. We can be in the nature and yet enjoy comfort of our home. Camping furniture will help us with this and therefore we should know something about it. 

We all know that feeling - we go fishing, camping or staying somewhere outdoors and we start missing our home furnishing. Sitting on a stump is not really comfortable just as eating on a rock. We have to deal with these situations elegantly and with wit. This category helps us with it. We can find here anything ( as for furniture) that makes our camping trips and outdoor stays easier. Tables and chairs are great for dining, for sleeping the folding field beds will serve perfectly. Do we know what is what? Let´s find out.

Sit comfortably 

Perfect alternative to standard chairs can be outdoor, folding chairs and stools. They are made especially for outdoor use so they are foldable to safe as much space as possible. Some of them can be with armrests, some without, which are usually smaller and easier to store. The back support is important, however sometimes compactness may be more important for us. Small stool can be easily attached to a backpack and taken everywhere. We can obviously do that even with bigger chair, however it will be heavier and therefore more difficult. There are many different variations, including materials and general appearance.

Eat like humans 

Even in field conditions we can dine like kings. We can either use some rock or stump, or be more elegant and have a folding table to carry it with us all the time. Simple, easy to store table, that can be easily put in a car and taken to the camp. If we are looking for a table, that could be attached to a backpack, we need to ask whether it is really necessary. Such tables are usually heavy and not exactly small. However they can be found - thanks to the thoughtful design can be folded into the small carry case/stuff sack so we could be wondering if it really is a table. What materials are appropriate ? What dimensions ? That is a question for another time. 

Comfortable sleep 

Comfort is a relative thing, we all imagine it differently. However, we would all like solutions where we could have nice sleep without the possibillity of bed. Such solutions offer folding field beds, originally invented for soldiers in military camps. Nowdays they are used for recreational purposes, such as camping trips or as an extra beds. Especially when used in a tent we need to know their dimensions.

Wood, plastic or aluminium ? 

And we are back to the materials again. Whether we like it or not, it is important and possible underestimation can affect the life span of the product. The same applies of course to camping furniture as well. The main material used is aluminium and its forms. Steel is also used - for highly strenuous parts. For seats and armrests different forms of nylon and polyester are used. It is important to choose the right materials and do not underestimate their selection. The furniture must be strong and durable, otherwise it might be waste of money. 

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