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So called survival kits are essential for any outdoorsmen or survivalists. But they can be also used even on your way to work. What should such a kit contain while staying small and effective? 

Usually, we are not in the situation where we get lost, surprised by the weather or alone on an abandoned island/place. But what if that really happens ? Are we ready for such situations ? There are only very few people who can say yes. We can potentially be those people if we are properly equipped. However, such equipment is quite specific. We should be able to light a fire (with use of fire starters), get to the water or food sources and so on. Is there anything that can help us? Any survival kit ? 

Small box with unbeliavable potential 

Someone who has been really interested in "survival", has came up with the idea of survival kit. All the experienced outdoorsmen and survivalists are very likely equipped with something like that. Practically it is a smaller or larger box full of usual as well as unsual things. With their help we are able to handle different situations, sometimes even existential. Do you think that we are exaggerating ? Not at all. These kits contain for example matches to light a fire, mirrors that help us with signaling or condom to store a water. Are we still exaggerating ? Keep reading. 

When usuall things become essential 

We can actually prepare such a box ourselves. Just think about what we would need in those situations and with bit of a common sense we can find the final solution. However, it might be better to trust somebody with more experiences. Survival kits are prepared in cooperation with real survivalists. Who do we rather believe ? Office person or a specialist, who just got back from mission in Amazonia ? Survival kits often contain waterproof matches, sewing kit, fishing kit, pocket knife, wire saw and other items. Another important items include signaling accessories such as mirror or whistle, which can be a great help. 

Everything is protected 

Such an important content must have a reliable box/case. It would be unfortunate if the case was the weakest part and we would loose all the advantages. Storage cases/boxes are usually waterproof and highly durable. They must resist different impacts as well as water pressure. Simply overcome all the obstacles that are in the way. 

Not an easy choice 

The selection is quite difficult. How do we make a choice on a something that can save our life ? The best variant seems to include as many things as possible, but the name "survival kit" would loose its meaning. One of the charms is its small size - we can put it anywhere we need it - pockets, bags, backpacks and we can have it there as long as we like it. No matter where we carry it, we should definitely have it. One never know what can happen. 

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