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Correct size, support system, but also material. The right choice of these criteria will guarantee you the right outdoor and bushcraft backpack for you. But there is no backpack like a backpack, there is something different for each.

About outdoor backpacks (hence Bushcraft's backpacks) we can easily say that they are ideal luggage for many activities. Their biggest advantage is certainly their placing. The backpack for outdoor activities is (a little simplified) a simple fabric bag, which is placed on your back, where it holds via several elements.

How does an outdoor / bushcraft backpack hold on your back?

The basic element of absolutely any backpack is shoulder strap(s), which are usually two. However, you will also encounter a variant of one strap, then we talk about the shoulder bag. So what do both variations have in common? They provide absolute freedom for your hands , which is the main advantage of all types of backpacks.

The straps are one of the most important elements of the backpack, but why? If your outdoor / bushcraft backpack is not sitting well on your back or straps are pushing, that is the least pleasant thing. 

On the backpack you will also find two other elements of attachment - the lumbar(waist) belt and chest strap, which hold the outdoor / bushcraft backpack in place. Thanks to them, it does not move and you could even say that it is somewhat part of you.

Some might argue that it is not needed for small outdoor / bushcraft backpacks. We disagree! Even small backpack with a volume of about twenty liters, which you take for biking or hiking, must not outbalance or sit badly. 

Even with its relatively small weight, it should direct its weight through the torso into the legs, so that even after a few hours there is no unpleasant back pain.

How to ensure that the selected outdoor / bushcraft backpack does not hurt my back?

Back pain is a big question mark when choosing a backpack for outdoor and bushcraft. But which element on your backpack will help you most with it? Logically it is a back support system.

It must be solid and airy at the same time to adhere to your torso with the help of a well tightened lumbar strap and pass all the weight of the bushcraft / outdoor backpack to the feet that will deal with it better.

What other important features must have a backpack for outdoor and bushcraft?

In addition to the above mentioned, they are, of course, the materials of the backpack and its internal organization, which differ from type to type. When choosing a backpack for outdoor and bushcraft, it is mainly important to act systematically and according to the rules that should help you with the ideal selection.

What do you need a backpack for? How big should it be? Will you use it often? Is water-resistance sufficient or you will need additional raincover ...

There are really many questions. But it is not possible otherwise - your comfort will do a lot, both for mind and the body. In this category, which is directly devoted to backpacks for outdoor and bushcraft, you will find everything you need anywhere outside your home…

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