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Whether you are a sports shooter or training for self-defense, or are a professional member of the armed forces, you can definitely use training equipment that will help you improve your accuracy and speed more effectively as a shooter.

Different types of targets

As shooters, you cannot do without training. It is hard work, but it can be simplified. There are several ways to do this. In our assortment you will find paper, cardboard and 3D targets, stands for three-dimensional targets and blanks for the target, thanks to which you will not have to throw away the paper or cardboard target after one use. Acrylic sprays perform a similar function for three-dimensional targets. Anyway, even without the sprays, these 3D targets will last you a really long time. Targets are available in the form of a human torso, but also in the classic variant of concentric circles with point evaluation.

Training weapons and grenades

Weapon models are a separate category, which are faithful copies of pistols, rifles and shotguns, but also tasers. The models are classically produced in red, so they are so-called Red Guns. The color red is widely recognized among civilians and in the military as the color of "blind" training equipment. In the case of mock-up firearms, the main purpose is training in the safe handling, transportation, storage and presentation of weapons. The advantage is that these models are highly realistic.

Practice grenades are a very similar assortment to mock-up firearms. The only difference is that practice grenades actually work. However, unlike sharp grenades, they are designed in such a way that they do not cause fatal injuries when handled. They are not made of metal, but (usually) of hardened ABS plastic, and instead of a fragmentation filling, there is something like peas or chalk dust inside. Even so, it is necessary to observe safety measures when using these grenades and also, due to the faithful appearance with sharp grenades, they should not be carried openly in public.

Notepads for shooters

We also offer notepads for shooters, which are record books using durable paper and at the same time have not only blank sheets, but also tables, converters or a calculator for calculating altitude. Such blocks are suitable for all those who are serious about shooting. You can write in notebooks for shooters using map pens, non-permanent markers and pencils, and records may be deleted over time and overwritten with additional data.

Virtual mobile shooting range

Virtual mobile shooting ranges are a specialty that would have been unthinkable until quite recently, which will ensure that you no longer have to go to a physical shooting range for shooting practice. But you can create your own shooting simulator at home. All you need is a device purchased from us, a smartphone and a mobile application that you install on it. You won't even need cartridges for ballistically accurate shooting training. The device automatically detects dry firing and brings a realistic simulation of movement and hits. We have it available in various variants, differing in the material used.

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Training equipment for shooting

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