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Unique combination of writing utensil and means of self-defense. Practically it is a Kubotan that can write. We can find many shapes and types with different advantages, that we will definitely appreciate.

Combination of self defense weapon and writing utensil ? That sounds quite comical. Who would think that it can really work and what´s more, that people will be buying it. Hard to believe ? But what is it actually ? So called tactical pen is a combination of kubotan and writing utensil. Both roles fulfills greatly, thanks to its thoughtful design. What do we get ? An advantage over attacker, who does not expect that we carry something like that and also some confidence,because we are actually armed. 

The pen is mightier than the sword 

Famous adage that was never as justified as it is today. Back then it indicated that the written word is mor effective than violence. Design of tactical pen reminds of ordinary writing utensil. The shells are made mostly of toughened aluminium, which is ideal as it is durable yet lightweight. This tough construction makes a great base for high-quality means of self-defense. When we are attacked, we pull it out from the pocket or take it off the table and hide it in our fist. Now it works as a Kubotan. It makes the fist stronger and by hitting spots such as neck, collarbone or another soft tisssues, we can hurt the attacker unpleasantly. Now the advantage is on our side.

One end for writing, the other for attacking 

Because it is a pen, it is obvious, that we can use it for writing. On the one side there is a classic ballpoint pen tip. The cartridge is replaceable, which extends life span of a pen. The other side is the attacking one. We can use the writing end for attacking too, however, the other side is adapted for this. Manufacturers may use different endings - some of the tactical pens have attacking tip, the others are more in a Kubotan style. There are also special tips, such as glass breaker tips or DNA collectors for example. Seriously ? It may seem little bit like a scene from movie, but it is true. It is a specially designed built-in collector, which can help to "store" blood, when we strike the attacker. This makes then identification of the attacker much easier.


Tactical pens are used by civilians just as by members of security services, police officers or soldiers. It is an elegant answer for solution of self-defence. Not all the time we are allowed to carry firearm, knife or telescopic baton. But a pen ? How this could hurt ? And that is the beautiful surprising moment. When someone attacks you, thinking that you are not ready, but the advantage can be on your side by using tactical pen. The pen fits easily in your pocket, bag, tactical vest or anywhere really. Thanks to the construction, whose attacking part is from one piece of material, it survives even harsh handling. 

Choose according to your likings 

So how do we choose ? The question may sound difficult, but the answer is actually easy. We choose according to our likings. Just stick with good and proven materials as well as companies, which is guarantee of satisfaction and high-quality. In this category we can find broad range of tactical pens, from simple ones to those bit more complicated. All of them have one purpose - to write and protect.

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