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Towels help us with fast drying to prevent unwanted sickness/cold and other problems. We should be able to choose the right fabric, size and type. 

Everyone probably knows, what the towel is. A piece of fabric of appropriate dimensions that is highly absorbent. Absorbent properties are a key factor, which help us with fast drying after bathing or showering. However, this is not the only use of the towel. It can be used as an pad/underlay when sunbathing. We can also use it to wipe dry wet surfaces (chair or others). According to their uses we can have bath towels, beach towels, etc. 

Modern fabrics 

With modern advanced technologies and fabrics even towels are now somewhere else than it use to be. Nowdays, ultra absorbent and fast drying fabrics are used. They are also non-creasing and long-lasting. And such towels can be found in this category. Some of them come with mesh pouch for better drying properties. The key factors for selection are usage, dimensions and color. 

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