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To be able to drink from any water source has been almost impossible for very long time. With the development of water filters, the situation has changed, we just need to make the right choice. We should mostly think about use and efficiency. 

Proper hydration is very important. But what about on expeditions for example?  Should we be taking dozens of liters of water? This questions has been placed many times before. We can not just drink water from any water source or stream. This might cause intestinal problems at least. Therefore water filter is a must. What is it a how it works ? Keep reading. 

Never more ! 

Water filters used to be quite complex DIY devices. A bit of creativity,sand,mud,ash...and also bit of luck was all we needed. Everything was layered and water was pour down. The greatest impurities including parasites was caught in the layers (with bit of luck) and we could drink. But bacteria would still remain. The water had to be then also boiled – as we can see, this process is quite complicated. To speed things up, the water filters was developed. The filters can be divided into the pressure and gravitational. They also differ in the type of the filter and its life span. Does that mean that we can drink water from the puddle ? Yes, more or less. To be really sure, we should boil the water as well, but in emergency situations it will work fine. The filters can be in the form of a bag, cartridge or bottle. You are free to choose. 

Maintenance – half of success

it is obvious, that filters need maintenance. Some of them can be rinsed with clean water, some need to be replaced after some time as their life span is limited. We can also loose some of the parts of the system, which can be found in this category. 

What do we find here ? 

This category focuses on water filters and their maintenance. We do find everything that we would expect here. Just select the right type, know its life span and possibly order extra cartridge or other parts needed. This will ensure a long supply of drinking water.

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