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Military backpack US ASSAULT PACK large Mil-Tec®

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Product code: 14002201
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

Looking for a quality, medium-sized backpack, which includes a large number of pockets? Then you'll be sure to enjoy a US ASSAULT PACK large Mil-Tec® 36 liter military backpack. It is made of a good quality material and, thanks to the impregnating PVC layer, also water-resistant.

Put everything you need in your pockets

The big advantage of the pack is the large number of pockets.In the main chamber we find 2 large storage pockets, which also contain several smaller pockets (both fastened and netted). On the front of the backpack there are another two external pockets, one of which also contains an internal organizer. Of course, the backpack cant be short of space for storage of a hydration bladder (Velcro fastening).

Easy attachment of additional equipment

Thanks to compression straps you can easily reduce the volume of the backpack, but at the same time the straps make a great use of attaching additional equipment. You can use them for attaching to your backpack anything that doesn't fit, or whatever you need to have handy. This will increase the backpack's transport capacity even further. Also worth noticing is the fact that we find a webbing in front and on both sides that is compatibl with MOLLE systems.

Ergonomically shaped straps will ensure comfort in use

Who among us wouldn't know the feeling of shoulders aching from carrying a heavy backpack? With ergonomically shaped and padded shoulder straps you can easily avoid this feeling .These are also adjustable. Their width is roughly 5 cm.

WASP camouflage

The WASP camouflage pattern from the German company Civ-Tec offers a high degree of functionality in various types of terrain. Its main benefit is the ability to blend with other camouflage patterns, thus providing high flexibility.

It camouflages in different conditions

The Z1B camouflage type is intended for rocky areas without any green vegetation and works even in partially snowy areas.

The Z2 camouflage type is intended for areas with low-growing vegetation, where there are also large amounts of stones and sandy soil.

The Z3A camouflage type is intended for areas with denser green vegetation. It allows for excellent camouflage in both coniferous and deciduous forests. It will fulfill its purpose effectively even in farming areas, on the grasslands or in the jungle.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist belst with quick release buckles
  • two-way zippers
  • MOLLE compatible
  • loops for attaching additional gear
  • compression straps
  • padded back
  • ergonomic and padded shoulder straps, which are also adjustable
  • adjustable waistbelt
  • water resistant
  • large number of pockets
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Buy Military backpack US ASSAULT PACK large Mil-Tec® from € 46,7
Important parameters
Height / length
51 cm
29 cm
28 cm
1,45 kg
36 l
Material in detail
Backpack: 100% polyester
Lining: 100 % polyester
Back padding: EVA foam with a weight of 350 g / m²
Shoulder strap padding: EVA foam with a weight of 435 g / m²
Surface finish
PVC coating
Fixing / transport
2 adjustable, padded and ergonomically shaped shoulder straps 5 cm wide
1 adjustable lumbar strap with quick buckle
1 fixed cloth handle on top
Other specifications
Handcuffs for attaching additional equipment / equipment
2 "D" rings on shoulder straps (1 on each)
4 side compression straps with quick buckle (2 on each side)
MOLLE compatible binding in front on the pockets and sides of the backpack
Main chamber with two-way zipper
Large pocket on the front of the main chamber fastened with two-way zipper
2 front pockets on a large pocket fastened with two-way zipper
Compatible with moisturizer bag - Velcro-fastened pocket behind padding
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Buy Military backpack US ASSAULT PACK large Mil-Tec® from € 46,7
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Do you like the product?
Buy Military backpack US ASSAULT PACK large Mil-Tec® from € 46,7

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Buy Military backpack US ASSAULT PACK large Mil-Tec® from € 46,7
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