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Survival equipment

Survival in nature is an art that not everyone can master. However, the skills are not enough for something, so we need to supplement it with equipment. How to choose correctly? What is a mini survival kit and how to start a fire? This category will help us with that.

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When it comes to life, jokes must be put aside. Appropriate equipment is extremely important in this case. But can we choose it? Do we know what should be part of it? For example, what is a mini survival kit? We will find out and read all this in the following lines. It is important to remember that even the most absurd situation can lead to a life-and-death dilemma. So let's stay calm and ready. Here we go.

Fire as a gift from the gods

In most situations, starting a fire is essential to survival. Why? For several reasons – it helps to warm up our body, allows water to be boiled or food to be heat-treated, as well as protects against the cold, wild animals and can also act as a signaling agent. Can we make it? Let's immediately forget about sticks, breaking stones or a magnifying glass. Either waterproof matches or ferrocerium flint will suffice. Both take up almost no space. We can best carry them in our pockets. Both items are easy to use. However, we must not forget to always have them with us.

Here I am!

When something happens, you need to let others know about yourself. How? Signaling elements such as a mirror, fire, or whistle are the basis. The mobile phone will most likely not work and the radio can run out of power at any time. The mirror should be made of durable material, not glass. The whistle must be as loud as possible to get as far as possible. Anyone who thinks the whistle is useless is mistaken. Its sound can travel miles away if it is carried by the wind over suitable terrain. However, the best is the fire discussed in the previous paragraph. So far we have only talked about the exact things, but how about something more dramatic?

Small and purposeful

Survival gear should include many items that are chosen through experience. Fortunately, there are so-called mini survival kits, i.e. boxes of last resort. It is a comprehensive representation of all the things that could be useful to us in one small, storable package. We can either buy such a box ready-made, or put it together according to what we think is important. It should always include a fishing kit, sewing kit, flint, condoms and more. It is necessary that it is waterproof and has reflective colors, thanks to which we can quickly recognize it, no matter where it falls.

That's not all!

Such a complex question, which is survival, is quite challenging. In addition to the aforementioned, this also includes knives, which are a great topic, as well as various paracord bracelets, ropes, but also thermal foil. This could be considered the basis. Hypothermia does not have to occur only due to ambient temperatures. It can also occur during shock, blood loss, or illness. It pays off to always have the thermal foil with you in all situations. This category will offer us everything we could need in terms of survival in nature. It is important to be prepared, so let's not underestimate the choice. Let's not forget to always have equipment with you, preferably in your pants, where having a survival knife ready is a de facto obligation. If we lose our backpack, we'll have a better chance.