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In some situations, signaling is the only way of communication. These can be crisis and communication situations that can be decisive for our survival in nature. What is the best way and what we can use ? 

Lost? Don´t worry, there is always way how to send a signal. We can start a fire and with the help of wet leaves and needles the smoke gets high enough for somebody to see it. We can also try to put together some sign somewhere on the meadow or on the lake shore. But when we need to communicate with someone who is far away or let people know that we are here, we need to use specific tools and aids. What are those ? 

Sun is our help 

It does not have to be Sun only, but also Moon, who practically reflects sun-rays. These rays can be used in our favor and we communicate with them. How is that possible ? With the help of signal mirror. When we know the approximate position of our companion, we can send a message using the sun's rays. We may remember that from school, when reflected sunlight on our watches "drew" some pictures on the walls in our classroom. Same principle uses signal mirror. As we move the mirror, we can send a simple message using already agreed codes or Morse Code Alphabet. The big disadvantage of this signal is that it can be seen by even some who we don´t want to see it. 

Wind sounds 

Another possibility of signaling is whistling. Unfortunately, we are not able to produce such a high and long lasting tone. The whistle serves great for such purpose. Its tone can be heard miles away. As we know, sound is a vibration that travels through the air. As it gets further and further, it gradually weakens. The higher the frequency of the sound, the more distinct the tone is. A very important helper in this case can be wind. It can take sound far-away, which can in some cases be counterproductive. For example, if the wind is blowing against us and our rescuers are in front of us, the wind will take the sound the other direction than we want it. Either way, the whistle is a great help when we got stuck somewhere or if just want surroundings to know where we are. We can also let animals know that we are around. In most of the cases, they will avoid us, including bear. 

Always at hand 

The advantage of these accessories is their compactness. They are so small that we can comfortably hide them in our pockets or hang them on a neck. With the whistle we should be careful about the frequency of the sound. It must be really high to hear us the best. At the same time, its construction must not be poor. The same applies to signal mirror. We should avoid glass mirrors as they can brake easily or cause injury. Fortunately, there are mirrors made from polished metal surfaces or from reflective foils placed on a plastic base, which is the best solution. We can offer you many models with which you will be certainly happy. 

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