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To start a fire does not always have to be that simple. But the fire starter can make this task much easier. However, we need to know which one to choose and mainly how it all works. 

In crisis situations where we have to rely only on ourselves, it is good to be properly equipped. As we know, there are different ways how to start a fire. We can use matches, but they can get wet. Likewise, we can go back to the roots and try to make fire by friction, just as it was done once. In addition to friction, our ancestors also used another technique to make fire. They have used pieces of flint stones banged together to create sparks. This was actually the first fire starter - flint. We would be surprised how it has changed since then - not only in shape but also by material.

Fire starters for survival 

For survival in the wild we will necessarily need to start a fire. It is very important for water treatment and food preparation. Moreover, it fights off the animals and protects us not only from winter. Our survival kit or pockets should always include some kind of fire starter. Such fire starter consists of several parts. Fuel, striker bar/plate and rod. However, it is important to mention that there are two different types.

Magnesium will help us 

The first type consists of thin body with flint rod. The body is made of a mixture of magnesium, which burns really well at high temperatures. The rod will generate sparks. The last bit is a small plate. It works like this : scrape off some magnesium chips, when it is enough, then scrape the flint rods rapidly. It creates temperature around 2000oC and such temperature helps to ignite a fire very easily. Instead of plate, we can be use some blade, for example a knife. Although this option may seem like the best one, it is not. This type of fire starter has its advantages, but it is quite big and heavy. And here comes modern and more elegant solution. 

Ferroce…well, it burns 

Due to the higher weight and dimensions of the first type, it was necessary to think of something that would have less demands. The extra (body) part is no longer needed and the rod is made of ferrocerium. What is ferrocerium? It is a man-made metal that provides sparks around 1700oC. Such fire starter consists of ferrocerium rod with a small handle. It features small plate/bar too that works as a tinder scraper. Starting a fire is then very easy. Prepare fire starting material and slide the rod along the striker bar. This creates a shower of hot sparks. Simple, right ? This fire starter saves space and its weight is negligible. It seems like the best choice, but is it really true ? 

And selection again 

Whether we like it or not, the modern ferrocerium fire starters are definitely the best option for survival kit or outdoor equipment. Although the classic fire starters were here first, we have to move them aside, because progress is simply progress. Our e-shop offers both types plus other possibilities of different sizes. We can then have small ferro rod for our survival kit or larger one that can be stored in our pocket. Either way, we will be ready. 

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