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Spring Outdoor Equipment

Spring is a season, when everything and everybody is awaking, nature, as well as people. Even know, there is a term "spring fatigue", thanks to the longer days and stronger sun we have more energy that we want to release somewhere, ideally outdoors. That is why we are taking trips outdoors and we should be ready and equipped for it. Heavier and bulkier clothing can go back to the wardrobe and replaced with spring models. 

Spring means temperature is rising, birds are coming back and days are longer – which also means, that we can stay outdoors even overnight. We just need to be properly equipped. For example with appropriate sleeping bagbivvi bag or sleeping mat. Even for one-day hike we need appropriate footwear (with accessories), which can be more lightweight and breathable than the winter models. 

For spring, you should not forget to get new shirttrouserssweatshirt or jacket, which does not have to have winter properties, but definitely should be wind-resistant as the weather can be still tricky. For multi-day trips do not forget to choose from our range of camping food, pack a thermo bottles with tea and equipped yourself with a water cleaning systems, thanks to which you can even trust creeks and other water sources you will encounter.