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Earplugs EP3 Sonic Defenders® SureFire®

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€ 21,1
Product code: EP3-BK-SPR
Warranty length: 2 years
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Description and parameters

Full-day hearing protection

Earplugs EP3 Sonic Defenders® SureFire® reliably protect your hearing from dangerous noise, but also allow you to listen to outside conversations uninterrupted. Thanks to the construction containing 7 fixation points the plugs sit perfectly in the ear vault and do not fall out even during vigorous physical activity. An universal design with a double flange will sit comfortably by almost anyone.

Noise suppression

The plugs provide damping (NRR) to 24dB. All normal-level noises let the earplugs in, so you can hear the outside action, communication and sounds on a "safe level". In case sound goes above 85dB, the plugs will automatically reduce to a more acceptable level. Volume reduction is handled by a filter Hocks, which can be "turned off" if needed. Simply open the cork and you immediately get unreduced sound.You don't even have to take off your headset during lunch breaks, meetings, interviews, etc. 

Maximum comfort

Comfortable All-day Wearing thanks to the complex design. The plugs are made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials. With a low profile, you can also wear it under your helmet.These are ideal plugs for all day wearing, which will protect you from a dangerous noise, but will not restrict your communication with surroundings.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • 7 fixation points
  • flexible materials
  • double flange
  • low profile
  • noise reduction up to 24dB
  • automatic reduction of noise above 85dB
  • maximum comfort
  • hypoallergenic
    material life span up to 6 months
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Buy Earplugs EP3 Sonic Defenders® SureFire® at a special price € 21,1
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Buy Earplugs EP3 Sonic Defenders® SureFire® at a special price € 21,1

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Do you like the product?
Buy Earplugs EP3 Sonic Defenders® SureFire® at a special price € 21,1
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