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New on Rigad: The Magnetix™ Battle Belt from Agilite Gear®

4. června 2024Rigad News Hana SedlákováReading time 2 minutes

The new Magnetix Battle Belt from the Israeli brand Agilite Gear will surprise you with its innovations, well-thought-out design and reliability in real tactical situations. This belt was designed to eliminate the shortcomings that combat belts often have. In addition, it stood first in very intensive testing in combat conditions. Come learn more about it and find out what makes it different from other combat belts.

Does the name of this belt remind you of a character from the popular series Asterix and Obelix? No wonder. Magnetix has several interesting lifehacks that make it invincible. It went through a long development and rigorous testing process, during which Agilite tried to fine-tune this product to the maximum. And according to user reviews, it looks like they really succeeded. What are its characteristics and what makes it special?

Agilite Gear Magnetix Battle Belt, plate carrier, helmet. Source: FiftyShadesofFDE

At the back of Agilite Gear's Magnetix Battle Belt is a pair of powerful magnets. The outer and inner parts of the belt simply snap together. Source: FiftyShadesofFDE

Magnet in the lead role

One of the main shortcomings that you can encounter with many types of combat belts is the complex assembly of the inner and outer parts of the belt. Connecting the two parts together so that they fit exactly and do not move anywhere usually takes some time, requires practice and is not always successful on the first try. A problem arises when these parts come together badly and do not completely overlap in some place. The belt scratches, pulls up the T-shirt and does not form a sufficiently stable platform.

At Agilite Gear, they therefore invented a way to connect the two parts of the belt literally in seconds. And so that they fit perfectly and hold like nails. The secret is in magnets. A pair of strong magnets are sewn into the back of the inner and outer belt, which snap together and hold both parts of the belt firmly in exactly the same position. You then just smooth them around your body using velcro panels, which, with the exception of the area with the sewn-in magnets, run all the way around, and secure them with a cobra buckle.

And you are ready. Your weapon and equipment will always be exactly where they are. Both parts can be quickly connected even when you already have gear on the outer belt. The company is patenting this system.

Opasek Magnetix Battle Belt Agilite Gear s holsterem, pistolí a zásobníky. Zdroj: agiliteinternational.com

Thanks to the reinforcement in the front, the Magnetix Battle Belt from Agilite Gear does not sag. Source: agilityinternational.com

Elaborate inner belt

Another common problem with many models is the unfinished inner belt. While the outer part of the belt, which is more visible and carries all the gear, is usually ingenious and designed as best as possible, it often happens that the inner part remains slightly sloppy. This of course affects the entire system and its properties.

That's why at Agilite Gear they really cared about the inner belt. It almost looks like a mini version of the outer one. This velcro belt is strong, padded and reinforced. It fits separately as an EDC belt and thanks to the reinforcement it is also suitable for concealed carrying of a weapon.

The end of the belt is formed by a long reinforced "tongue", which is inserted into the pocket on the opposite side. This results in additional strengthening in the front part, which prevents unwanted sagging. But you don't have to worry that it would be unnecessarily hard and uncomfortable because of this reinforcement. Thanks to the elastic section, it is easy to adjust when moving and is comfortable even when sitting down, standing up, etc.

The Agilite Gear Magnetix Battle Belt with a cobra buckle in the multicam version. Source: agiliteinternational.com

The MOLLE webbing extends to the cobra buckle on the Agilite Gear Magnetix Battle Belt. Source: agilityinternational.com

MOLLE always at hand

Are you used to the MOLLE webbing not reaching all the way to the cobra buckle and creating a "dead spot" in the front where you can't put any equipment? You won't find any such place with the Magnetix belt. The MOLLE binding reaches up to the buckle on both sides, regardless of ready-to-wear size. This is thanks to the outer skeleton, which not only strengthens the front part of the belt and prevents sagging (in a similar way to the inner part), but also provides unlimited space for equipment with MOLLE binding.

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