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Kore and FlexFit: Details that matter

10. května 2024Rigad News Hana SedlákováReading time 3 minutes

Are you looking for universal and comfortable men's accessories for nature, the shooting range, but also for everyday wear and leisure? You don't have to! We have new and stylish men's accessories from the brands Kore and FlexFit for you! While the Kore brand primarily represents high-quality belts that also allow for the concealed carrying of a weapon, at FlexFit you will find high-quality caps that you will surely appreciate in the coming hot summer. Discover how these products differ from regular accessories.

Kore Essentials: the new definition of men's accessories

In today's world, where "fast fashion" products with poor quality and a short lifespan are still the trend, the Kore brand represents a point of departure. It offers timeless accessories that were made to last. Accessories that their manufacturers can proudly and with a clear conscience sign. How did they achieve this?

At Kore Essentials, they set out to set a new standard for men's accessories, starting with the belt, primarily through a combination of premium materials, precision craftsmanship and continuous improvement with an emphasis on customer feedback. Because it's the details that matter!

The Kore EDC Gun belt

Kore belts go well with both jeans and a suit.

Finally a belt that fits!

You never know with a classic belt with holes. Once you tighten it too much, but as soon as you try the next hole, it's not enough again and the belt frays. It rarely comes out so that it fits you perfectly and you can feel great. The individual holes are sometimes more than a centimeter apart. Therefore, in order to be able to tighten the belt just right, you may be forced to make a new hole. Thanks to it, it will finally fit you… just before you get the next big lunch. After that, you loosen the belt by a whole additional hole and that is the end all the comfort.

Yes, there are also belts with a so-called automatic buckle, and even today in a relatively decent design. However, this very buckle can become their weak link. For example, when you use the belt for something other than showing off and decide to carry a gun holster on it. The popular Cobra buckles are too wide for many types of pants, and they also lack elegance and the increasingly desired low profile look. So what about that? Is there a better way?

It was this problem, which many other manufacturers accepted as the norm, that Kora puzzled over until they found a solution. It is a 10" (approximately 25.4 cm) long toothed system located on the inside of each belt. This system provides more than 40 adjustable positions within ÂĽ" (approx. 6.4 mm) and allows for continuous circumference regulation. Unprecedented adaptability and at the same time maximum reliability.

With jeans and a suit

Kore Essentials offers a civilian line of belts primarily designed for comfortable everyday wear. The Slim Impact, Slim Inspire and Slim Imagine models are made of full-grain leather, which retains its perfect appearance for a long time. With a width of 2.86 cm, they are among the thin belts, but they are striking with their designer buckles. These belts will go well with both formal and casual wear. Treat yourself to a drop of elegance for every day!

The slightly wider Buffalo model (3.8 cm) is made of buffalo leather. Unlike full-grain leather, this robust and durable leather does not have a protective coating, so it will naturally change its surface and texture over time, gradually acquiring a deliberately worn and aged appearance. In short, it ages like wine. This model does not include a buckle, but Kore offers many quality compatible buckles made of metal or stainless steel with laser engraving.

A Kore belt with an OWB holster for carrying a weapon

Thanks to the reinforcement, Kore belts are also suitable for carrying weapons and other equipment.

Kore EDC Gun for discreet weapon carrying

If you are looking for a belt that looks elegant and understated, but at the same time can do something extra, then you are in the right category. Kore EDC Gun belts are ideal for concealed carry of a weapon (they are compatible with both IWB and OWB holsters) and other equipment. They are available in top grain leather, nylon or carbon fiber versions.

The leather variant is also suitable for going out without attracting unwanted attention. The special anti-abrasion coating gives this belt high durability, but it's still soft and flexible enough to keep you comfortable all day long. The nylon version is roughly twice as stiff as the leather version. For a change, the version made of carbon fibers is designed for heavy loads (up to 13.2 kg).

All these variants provide sufficient strength, durability and stability. They do not deform or sag when carrying a weapon or other material. All equipment is held absolutely reliably in place. Another common aspect is a reinforced core made of a patented polymer, which ensures a comfortable carrying of the weapon and a safe draw.

Combat, service and shooting belts Kore

The battle belt Kore Battle B consists of two parts – inner and outer. This system optimizes the distribution of the weight of the material carried and allows the carrying of full size weapons, magazines and other tactical equipment up to a weight of 9 kg.

The Basketweave Duty duty belt has the same two-stage composition, which is made of highly resistant Armortek fibers and equipped with a fixed D2 buckle made of lightweight aluminium. This allows it to comfortably carry equipment with a maximum weight of 13 kg. A patented ratchet mechanism with a dual release system keeps the belt tightly tightened and reduces the risk of an attacker yanking it off with equipment.

The last representative of two-part belts is the Kore IPSC Competition C1, suitable for competitive shooting within IPSC and USPSA.

Buckles and other accessories

However, a rich portfolio of quality belts with a wide range of uses is not the only thing that the Kore Essentials brand can offer. Quality metal or stainless steel buckles with engraving, caps and T-shirts are also worth paying attention to.

Do you want to show off in the summer? Only with FlexFit!

Traditionally, we offer a fairly wide range of caps. So why did we decide to expand the offer with another brand? FlexFit caps are very comfortable to wear, and they also look good.

A FlexFit cap in the multicam version

FlexFit caps are functional and look good.

Whether you opt for a classic Snapback with a straight peak, a Retro Trucker with mesh for very hot days, a Dad Cap made of pleasant cotton with a brass buckle at the back, or a classic baseball cap, you won't go wrong in either case. You should also notice the Trucker Mesh cap, which instead of the classic adjustment strap at the back has an elastic band almost all the way around and adapts to any head much better.

All FlexFit caps are available in multicam design, hold their shape well and have good ventilation.

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