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Summer gear for outdoor activities

enjoy your summer on max

Do not make a mistake and get the right equipment for you! We offer years of experience that are reflected in our range, articles as well as videos, where you can find all the important informations. 

Léto jede na plné obrátky! Malá pozvánka a pár záběrů z Rakouska!

Let´s choose together with us the right equipment for the summer season. It does not have to be just footwear, jacket, or socks, but also backpacks, tents, sunglasses and many more. On the basis of many years of experience we have selected only the best products for you and put them into the categories for good orientation on our website.  You will definitely also like our videos and articles where you can find many useful informations. That means, if you do not know what shoes, jackets, or sunglasses are the right for you, we are sure you will be able to find the informations you are looking for.